Flo and Percy Headband - a review

Hi ladies,

Just wanted to let you know that my Flo & Percy headband arrived today. I was sooooo excited when I ordered it (and paid £145 for it) that I was literally checking the post three times a day to check if it had arrived.

Anyway - it has and I have to say that although generally it looks good on, the quality is not what I would have expected for £145. Some of the sequins are out of place and appear to have been GLUED ON!!! I can actually see glue on it which is not great.

As I say, it looks good on (as no one will be inspecting it as closely as me) but if you're looking to spend £145+ on quality head gear, I'd shop around.

This may just be my experience tho image


  • I have a Flo and Percy 1930's Vintage Headband and i love it...it's beautiful and really well made. :\) It was also well protected and came beautifully packed with a sixpence image

    What headband did you get?

    Sorry you had a bad experience.
  • I got the Charlie Chaplin one. She said it would take two weeks to make and it came after less than a week so guessing it may have been a bit of a rushed job. It is beautiful though, no doubt about it, it's just that for the money paid, I'd have expected a little better quality - and definately no glue image
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    Let's see some pictures then ladies!

    Bamba xx
  • Sorry i can never upload photos on here but ine is the Chaplin Headband if you scroll down http://www.floandpercy.com/gatsby.html

    I'll take a picture of my actual one tomorrow and try to post a close up of the sequins...don't get me wrong, still like the headband - it's tres sparkly.
  • Thats a shame,i mailed Flo&Percy about booking for a custom made tiara about 10 months before the wedding as it said on the site they get really busy.She mailed back and said to contact her in Aug (few months later) so i emailed a few days before the beginning of Aug and she said she was busy and wasnt taking anyomore bespoke work on which was annoying!

    www.etsy.com is great for lower price handmade wedding stuff image im sure its lovely but if your not happy then maybe speak to them?x
  • Had a look on Etsy. Looks amazing - even for non-wedding related stuff. Thanks!!!

  • I think you should say something to them

    sequins should be sewn on and secured with a seed bead
  • I also have a Flo and Percy headand and mine is jus amaxing. I have the Moulin headband and it doesn't have any fabric on it so I can comment on things being glues on or anything but it is the most beautiful thing and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

    I definitely think you should contact them because like you said, you shouldn't pay that much and not be happy with it xx

  • This is mine...it's a vintage 1930's headband so one of a kind and it is beautiful! I love love love it! image
  • Great to see an honest review of these things! I was tempted by Flo & Percy, and then Louis Mariette, but in the end I've been hoarding beautiful vintage jewellery and I'm making my own. It'll actually end up having been slightly more expensive, but it'll be nice to have made it!
  • Hello,

    I have the beautiful Flo and Percy Clarice headband and matching cuff for sale in perfect condition following my wedding, if anyone is interested.

    Here is my original post.


    All the sequins are sewn on.



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  • I ordered the Georgina Headband from the Gatsby collection. It was reduced from £160 to £80 and thank goodness it was. When it arrived it hadnt been packed properly and was slightly bent. The quality of the piece both in terms of materials used and manufacture was not what would be reasonable for the price. I was so disappointed but decided to keep it and try and make the best of it simply because the design is so great even if the execution of it was so average. 

    A hair trial with my hairdresser highlighted problems though. I wanted to wear it exactly as shown on the website but without literally putting pins all over the main part of the decorative piece it cant be done.  the weight of it causes it to slip down over my nose-not a great look. 


    Figured the people at Flo and Percy could advise how they did it for the original so emailed for guidance. THIS is where they really fall down. the designer-Kirsty?- just didnt care. She assured me 'a couple' of kirby grips should do it and was quite defensive in her tone to the point of telling me the headband was discontinued anyway (not sure how that was relevant). No follow up email to see how I'd got on with bending it (her other bit of advice) just a real sense that she just wasnt interested in customer care. I now need to buy another headband.

    Their designs are wonderful but, in my experience of the Georgina, extremely poor value for money and their attitude is off putting and careless.


    VERY unlike Rock and Roll Bride and Crown and Glory where I bought several headpieces for a snip of F&P prices and the quality was outstanding


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    Both the Chaplin and Georgina pieces are beaded and every bead and sequin is sewn on, we do not use any glue for beading! Look a little closer and you will see. The only glue used is to attach a soft backing for comfort. All our items can be returned within 7 days for a full refund. It seems these ladies liked them to much to return, but the offer was there. We welcome all feedback.

    Best wishes

    Flo & Percy

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    oops.. its bad. thx u for your sharing.

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