Best False Eyelashes?

I have never used eyelashes before but want some not overly obvious false ones that are easy to stick on for my wedding day as my eyelashes are not noticable at all!

I have noticed these on asos has anyone tried them or should i go to Mac, any recommendations?

or should i should save my money (as i have spent my budget anyway, eek!) and buy some cheapie ones from superdrug etc any recommendations at all would be much appreciated.

do they all come sticky or do you have to use glue and will i have to wear eyeliner to blend it in? help!

Thanks ladies xx


  • MAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Lol I need this advice too...I followed advice on here to warm up my eyelash curlers with my hairdryer and I singed mine in 27 days !!!

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    hehe thank you!!! xx
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    Lol I need this advice too...I followed advice on here to warm up my eyelash curlers with my hairdryer and I singed mine in 27 days !!!

    Oh no!! so sorry to hear that, thank god falsies exist xx
  • Ardell Fashion Lashes are fantastic - the glue holds all day - at least 12 hours, from personal experience! You can get them for under a fiver in Boots and Superdrug! They do a special starter kit as well : )
  • Girls Aloud! I had Nicolas and both my BMs had Kimberley, very easy to use and looked fab. My mum had naturalite ones (can get thi=ose in boots as well) and they looked great, she is very fair and was worried she'd look silly but she was really pleased! They come with a tube of glue, i was recommended to put the glue on then wave the lashes about a bit a la drying your nails so it begins to set, then put them on. And keep your eyes closed for at least 5 mins after placement to let them dry fully. I wore mine with liquid eyeliner but i dont think they need blending much. Phew long post - hope it helps x
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    hehe thank you!!! xx

    Sorry didnt have much time but wanted to post. The Mac ones are fab and they are only £8, you do have to buy the glue but its a massive tube that yo can keep. They just look fab, especially from the side, really curly and fluttery!
  • I have used the girls aloud ones both Sarah and Nadine and they are really nice
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    I used MAC on my wedding day, they are fab !!!

  • I used Girls Aloud cheryl ones for Halloween - would not receommend those particular ones for your wedding but they held really well - will go for some more subtle ones for wedding - perhaps Nicola's
  • I use MAC and if you ask one of the assistants to apply them for you they will so you could try a pair before a night out first to see what you think there brill!!
  • MAC ones are fab...can be re-used several times.

    But if you are on a tight budget I got some totally bargainsville ones form POUNDLAND for yep...£1!!

    They last me at least 3 times longer.I wear these every day as I'm now an expert at putting them on! They look quite feathery in the packet but I get lots of comments about them!

    I have the MAC glue tho...lasts ages.My tip is put glue on...leave for about 2 minutes...close your eye and gently place on edge. Get an ear bud and push into place...move within 15 secs for repositioning without leaving glue residue.

    Practice practic practice if you doing them yourself!

    If you get MAC ones book in with girls and they will do your make-up and eyelashes too and they will def stay on and the makeup will look fab!

    My BM did her own...she hated her makeup cos she rushed it and had one hanging off later in the day!lol.I'm getting one of the girls to come do mine and my BM's so we all match/compliment.

    Good luck hun!x
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    If you can afford it i would reccommend having lash extensions done in a salon. They last for up to 12 weeks and you can have them as full as you want and as thick as you want. They'll last through your honeymoon too and no smudges if you shed a few tears image
  • I agree about the MAC ones !
  • Hi, have to agree with MrsBestDress. I'm a beauty journalist and have tried all sorts of false lashes and lash extensions - I am now completely hooked on lash extensions. I have them done in a local salon for £35 (half a set, so very natural, they attach to every other lash) and they last for roughly a month - after which a few fall out, but you have extra lashes for nearly 12 weeks as MrsBestDress says. The best thing about them is that they will look AMAZING at your wedding (no chance of them falling off during the day!) and will look AMAZING throughout your honeymoon too. Would really really recommend them. I have 3D lashes, but I also recommend Nova Lashes. xx
  • Hi

    The best eyelashes that i always use on a night out and that i will be wearing on my wedding day will be the ones from Mac. There is a huge range to choose from and they are not badly priced, the quality is really good too!

    Good luck

  • Defo MAC...Defo NOT Girls Allowed!! MAC people will show you how to apply them for free too x
  • I fyou look on the MAC website they have a little video clip to show you how to apply them- I ordered mine on line and they should arrive tomorrow!
  • The girls aloud ones but only Nicolas! They are AMAZING!
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    I'm rubbish at doing make-up etc but wanted some false eyelashes for my sisters wedding in june and my friend recomended the boots range, they have pre-glued ones for around 5 quid, they looked great! Even i could do them myself after a bit of practice. Just a lick of mascara to finish and your done x
  • I bought myself some MAC ones, and they were fantastic!

    ... but then I got rather drunk and somehow lost one, then took the other one off in frustration. I paid £18 for those bad boys.

    That being said ... definitely go for MAC. x
  • Hi ladies....I have the same problem.....but I bit the bullet for my works xmas party sat and went for a natural pair....I got them from superdrug £3 something, I went on you tube and found this girl who I followed and they worked I was so pleased......on the girls aloud ones I was given a pair at my hen do.....advise if you have never worn false before they are very very heavy looking I got the sarah harding ones tried putting them on and they looked really bad looked like I have false ones is the ones I bought, they are natural and just made me look very glam with out being over the top.....

    you tube clip.....she is the best one i have seen and I went through most of them!!

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    I have just had Perfect Lash extensions- they are permanant, you can't feel them at all and they look amazing- I would 100% recommends- they will last for honeymoon aswell! They stick one last to every one of your lashes. xx
  • I always use naturalites or girls aloud kimberley for nights out and its the best glue i have ever used and they blend so well with my own eyelashes, i get compliments all the time when i have them on. x
  • I like naturalite. yo can get them in boots or superdrug for about a fiver. they look really natural and don't feel heavy x
  • Do the lash extensions make your lashes look nice and curled? Thinking of getting them but my eyes are pretty small and need something that'll open them up. If extensions just look long but straight I thought I may as well save my money and just use eyelash curlers!
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