Eyelash curling

What do they do, does it work?

My eyelashs are very thick, lots of them and they are very straight, I curl them with that squeezy thing, but it doesn't last, maybe for 10minutes! I was looking for something a bit more permanent!

Jules x


  • becktorrbecktorr Posts: 711
    Hi, not had the permanent thing but i always put a coat of mascara on before curling my lashes and it lasts for ages! hope it helps a bit!
  • try GENTLY heating your squeezy thing with a hairdryer...not too hot tho, just warmed...and using it then!
  • becktorrbecktorr Posts: 711
    I tried that and burnt my eyelid!! mine were metal though!!
  • mellenukmellenuk Posts: 576

    I have very thick, very straight eyelashes, and have been curling them for about 15 years.

    It takes a bit of practice to get lasting results, but I find that I get the best results when I hold the curlers at the base of the eyelashes for a few seconds, and then move the curlers further down the lashes in stages - holding for about 5 seconds each time - and ending at the tips (does that make sense??). You get a much more natural curve to the lash line, and the results tend to be longer lasting. It's a bit fiddly at first, but I'm so used to doing it now that it takes no time at all!

    You can also do what mrs_gascoigne2b suggests about mascara, and follow up with a post-curl coat after you've finished - although I find a second coat tends to weigh my lashes down a bit, so I just stick to one after I've curled.

    (btw, you can get heated eyelash curlers, but I've never tried them! I'm afraid I don't know anyone who've had them permed, so don't know what that's like either!)

    Hope that helps xx
  • chagalinchagalin Posts: 616
    Ive had my eyelashes permed and id definately recommend it for a special occasion. It took about 20mins, i had to go in the day before for a patch test to check i wasnt allergic. You basically just lie down, they stick a little curler to your lashes, push them around it and put some kind of curling solution on then you just wait a bit, they use another solution and hey presto-beautiful curled lashes! It lasts until your lashes natually fall out which i think takes about a month . Hope that helps x
  • _Jules__Jules_ Posts: 705
    Thanks ladies!

    I tried the heat the squeezers technique, it kind of worked, but nothing lasting.

    I also use to put a coat on before, and the mascara would stick to the squeeze thing and rip them out!

    Thanks Mellen I'll have ago at that working my way up technique (think i will need to practice it lots tho!) , although pix I think i will try having my eyelashes permed! hehe! Can you imagine the little rollers on your eyelids! I'll have a trial before to see what its like, then hopefully get it done for the wedding! Who knows I might become addicted! image

    Jules x
  • chagalinchagalin Posts: 616
    I know, it was really funny! I had no idea how they did it before i went so when she showed me the teeny tiny rollers i burst out laughing! I think you'd be pleased with the results, the only warning is you have to keep your eyes closed when they're doing it so you dont get the perming solution in them and for some reason i found it really hard, a little voice in my head kept saying 'open them' (im not crazy-honest) !!x
  • _Jules__Jules_ Posts: 705
    imageimageimage Its when people tell you not to do something, you just have to do it! imageimageimage

    Im gonna book it!! I'll let you know how i get on! image I'll try not to open my eyes! I really want to see these cute little rollers!!

    Jules x
  • MariaLyndaMariaLynda Posts: 104
    Hi, i've had my lashes permed several times now, it does feel strang to have done but it is very effective. What I would say though is that you may want to try it a few times to find someone who is very good at it, it is extremely fiddly and because they are perming like we do with our hair if they don't leave the perm lotion on for long enough or the neutraliser on for long enough they don't work very well... I once ended up with one eye looking fantastic but the other one was definitely no way near as good in the curl! not that im picky!!! oh and if they don't quite manage to separate your bottom lashes from the top ones after they have stuck them to the roller, you can end up with a few bottom ones kinked at the ends...

    But definitely have a go!! it is very effective and its great that you can take all your makeup off and your eyelashes are still fantastically turned upwards!

    I think I am going to try using false ones on the day to lengthen and thicken mine, but can i put them on!!!!! can I heck... any tips would be appreciated!


  • mellenukmellenuk Posts: 576
    MariaLynda - have you tried the single false lashes? They can be great to give your eyes extra oomph, with being obviously false. They're also pretty easy to apply - but I would suggest a few trial runs to get the most natural effect.

    As you can tell, I've got serious issues about my eyelashes! :\)

  • Hi,

    I had a disaster last month withthe jinnylash eyelash extensions and was going to attempt o put on false eyelashes. Does anyone know/ recommend a specific brand/ type.

    Any tips on how to apply the glue?

    Do you out mascara on before or after the false eyelashes?

    So many questions! Only 28 days to go!


  • MariaLyndaMariaLynda Posts: 104
    I have tried using the eyelure ones and also mac ones, i did manage the eyelure natural ones at christmas, and then tried to use them again but got absolutely no where, after a few attemps there is so much glue on them and when you try and get it off they go out of shape so you have to bin them and start again!!!

    the things we do for beauty, cannot help to wonder if they even notice these things... i know we do! lol
  • I know!

    Don't think my H2B would notice even if one of them was hanging off!

  • chagalinchagalin Posts: 616
    I tried those individual lashes the other day- total disaster! I had major eyelash rage and threw my tweezers across the room. How the hell do you do it! The only one that i managed to glue on was back to front! Im going to try and find a salon that would apply them for me as it obviously takes some skill and patience which i havent got!x
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