Hair and make up for 12:30pm?

Hello everyone

I am getting married on the 31st July next year at 12:30

At the minute I am booked in at the hairdressers for 8am (havent had a trial yet), and as yet havent booked my make up artist- but am going to book a lady who will come to my house.

I am just a little worried whether this will leave enough time to get ready in the morning? :\?

I was working on a rough timetable that I had estimated - I planned that my hair (starting at 8am) would take around an hour and a half, and then my make up lady could come for about 10 - 10:30, and i'd have plenty of time to get into my dress and have photos before leaving at about 12:20 ish for church at 12:30.

After reading other people's posts im a little worried that im not going to be ready in time!?

Does anybody know roughly how much time I should leave for hair and make up?

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  • Depends on what ur like getting ready!!!

    Hair and make-up take the longest to do anyway...once that's done all you have to do is put dress and undergarments on.

    On my day I woke up at about 7.30 and jumped in the bath. 8.00 put on underwear and robe and sat down to get hair and make-up done.

    The whole process took about 2 1/2 hours. I think that's ample time, especially if your hairstyle is not a complex one.
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    i agree with makmarie 2 1/2 hours is plenty of time... its nice to see someone else with an early wedding image mines 11.30!! so im also having hair dresser at 8am, then going home to do my own makeup (im a beauty therapist -specialise in make up, saved me some money!!) then getting dress on, feeling ill be slightly late but fingers crossed not too late... i could have had the church at 2.30 but that would be literally straight after someone elses wedding so decided to go for the first slot of the day! didnt think about all the getting ready at the time!!!! anyway im going on a bit now arent i!!!

    back to your post i do think u will have long enough hun!

  • As a blushing bride it's your job to be late!!!! So dont worry about that. Im getting married next April and am probably going to need hrs to get ready and calm my nerves with loads of champagne so if youre anything like me then over estimate your time allowance!!! xxx
  • I'm getting married at 12.00pm and my hairdresser is coming at 7am eek! I think thats really early and she wants to do me first, she also has 3 bridesmaids and my mum to do! xx
  • i'm getting married at 11am! and my hair and make-up ladies are coming around 7am too, she also has me 1 bridemaid and mom to do. i kinda wish i'd gone 4 a leter time now but never mind i'm sure it'll b fine (fingers crossed)
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    I'm getting married at twelve but its half an hours drive away on a good day , sat lunchtime isn't the best time to get into Nottingham either der! So my hairdresser and make up artist are coming about half six I think lol as they have four of us to do!
  • I got married at 11am, my hair and make up lady came at 8am. As long as your organised ( such as getting your shoes, bra, perfume etc all laid out ready so you don't have to faff around ) you will have plenty of time

    Wow! Im getting married at 12pm and didnt think about timings in the morning, 7.30am is early but guess time flies quick in the morning! Goodness me. Better start getting my beauty sleep now!! image If Im right, always hair first then make up??

    Are most of your having people come to you to do your hair or going to hairdresser? By looks of things, they are coming to you?

    Just reread post and can see most coming to you! image Im thinking that 8am will be too early for hair as it wil drop by 12pm? OMG. Now Im panicking! image

    EVerything will fall into place am sure - JULYBRIDE, you will have plenty of time am sure!image
  • Hi all I too was wondering is it hair first then make up on the morning or the other way around? Me and my bridesmaids are going down to the hair dressers to get our hair done but im thinking of having someone come out to do make up at my house. x
  • Sorry to hijack your post, but when I went wedding dress shopping, the dresses always went over my head - is that just they way they do it or will I need to be in my dress before anyone does my hair and make up? Thanks xxx
  • Quoted:
    Sorry to hijack your post, but when I went wedding dress shopping, the dresses always went over my head - is that just they way they do it or will I need to be in my dress before anyone does my hair and make up? Thanks xxx

    I don't think you need to have your dress on ready, my hairdresser is coming at 1.30 pm (getting married at 4pm) and told me to just wear a zip up top. Are up able to step into your dress?

    God, the men don't realise the hassle it takes to look good for themimage
  • Lol, I've actually no idea if I can - my fitting isn't until July so I will find out then but I was just wondering. Thanks xx
  • Definitely put your dress on last, or you can guarantee a make-up spill on it.

    If at all possible, step into the dress. If you have a hoop underneath, you should be able to step in, then put the hoop on, then do the dress up. (might take all your BMs and mum to help with this!)

    If there's no way at all to step in and the dress has to go over your head, try not to have too complicated an up-do. And I read a tip of putting a light fabric such as silk over your head, and the dress on over that, as it stops the dress catching on your hair.

    Going back to the original topic, my dress shop told me that they tell girls to allow half an hour for putting the dress on, especially if it's lace-up. Also take someone to the fitting who will be there on the morning who can watch and learn how to do it up!

    My make-up person works with the hairdresser I'm having. They've decided they want to be at the hotel with us from 10-2 (ceremony is at 3:30). image That's for me, 2 BMs and a mum.

    p.s. I'm going to be a Mrs Allen as well image

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  • Woo, a fellow Mrs Allen image

    Thanks for the reply - I'm sure the dress should be ok to step into because it is lace up at the back, its just that I remembered having to have them all going over my head!!

    I have got my mom and 2 BMs coming with me to the fitting to watch me get laced up - 3 pairs of hands are better than 1 pair!!!

    OMG - that long for hair and makeup!! Though, I suppose you have got 3 others too. I have yet to find out about mine!xx
  • I am getting married at 1pm and i have 4 bridesmaids to get hair and make up done. I hairdresser and 1 makeup artist. ahhh im so going to be fashionably late.

    luckily both hairdresser and makeup artist are both friends because i will have to be asking them to start at 6am to get us all ready in time. aaahhh....stress!!!! xx
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