Shoulder length wedding hairstyles

Hi Girls

well im feeling really disheartened at the mo :\( just had hair extensions weaved in and they are awful, see my other post about extensions (in same forum) for the details...

anyway after being well and truely put off hair extensions, ill be going natural for the big day, my hair is shoulder length now so i imagine by july it will have grown another inch or so? my hair does grow quite fast...

just wondering if any of you have pics of shoulder length or a tiny bit longer wedding hairstyles, would be lovely if i could find a nice one to cheer myself up!!!! this is the first thing to go wrong in all my planning, all because of some crap service image !!!!!


Em xx


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    Are these any help ? xx

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    I have just past shoulder length hair and would ideally love long locks for my wedding day and have been considering extensions. Although I had a bad experience with them about 2 years ago,, cost me alot, took hours and looked crap! Really disappointed so not 100% sure on trying them again. So think I might use a few clip in pieces instead. They work really well, come in all shades and you can curl and straighten them or get pre-curled ones. Heres a picture of what I want on my day:

    half up and then the rest down round to one side with a hairpiece the other side.

  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138

  • shazza21shazza21 Posts: 4,138

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    Ooh i love some of those shazza21 thanks v much! The second photo u posted (dark hair) i already have saved so looks like that may be a winner image

    Same as me them emoria just waisted £85 cant believe how awful they looked feel so much better now weve spent an hour taking them out!!! Got mega fuzzy hair though!
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    Remember tho most of these hairstyles have I'd say longer than shoulder length hair and its all curly so there hair is probably much longer. Curling your hair will bring it up a good few inches. A good hairdresser should be able to show you some lovely styles for shoulder length hair tho so don't fret!
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    I was thinking the same - most of them are quite long when you take account of the curls and all.
  • I have shoulder length but want an updo and not sure it'll work. Can't find much...
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    Why not think about clip in extensions? I used them for my wedding and they were fantastic.

    In terms of looking for styles - check out this website.
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