How much should bridal hair and make up be?

Help!! I have had lots of quotes for hair and make up. Ranging from about £170 for hair/make up and trial up to nearly £300. Lots of people are already booked. But I have found one lady who charges £50 for a hair trial and then £160 for hair and make up on the day. This is just for me and then there are small charges for extras.

Please help if you can...let me know how much you have paid? etc.



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  • Mine is costing me £190 for just me - that's for a hair and makeup trial, and for hair and makeup on the day.
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    I have had 2 quotes for make up only, one £180 and one £250! Both include trials. It's difficult to know how much to pay and now thinking I might do it myself! XXX
  • yes this is the same problem i'm having!!

    I think i would rather do it myself and spend the extra money on another area of the wedding instead of just myself. I will have to put in lots of practice before hand so i can get it just right image

    £250 sounds like a big lump of money to just wash it all off in a matter of hours.
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    I had a look at quotes too. And i knew i didnt want a hair do that was hard to put up if you know what i mean. So i asked mum if she would french plait my hair like she did for me when i was a little girl. She beemed and its free hehe. My other half is opening a beauty section as part of his business in the New Year so she will do my makeup, at the moment they charge £68 and £80 (trial and on the day) but this will probably go up slightly once they are more establised. I think allow an hour for both? x
  • Well, I'm paying £400 for hair and £250 for make-up, excluding trials. But before anyone faints, that's for me, 2 bridesmaids and my mum. image So about £160 per head, although normally of course the BMs and mum are much cheaper than the bride.

    I'm the only one who gets a trial though lol. That needs to be paid for separately.

    I blame my mum for the spend. After I got engaged she told me to use her hairdresser and I loved him! (in the past I've just gone to whichever hairdresser was handiest - never had a regular one) Had my first cut with him shortly after London Fashion Week and he'd done the hair for four shows there.

    Those prices are for him and the make-up artist who works out of his salon to come to the hotel where we'll be. It would be cheaper if we were going into the salon on the morning.
  • I found it cheaper booking with two different people.

    £125 for my makeup on the day and £25 for the trial, the trial was at a MAC counter though and I got the money back to spend on my lip products so I would class that as free.

    £30 for my hair on the day and £30 for the trial.

    So £185 all together with both of them coming to me. Was chuffed with that cos I've been given silly prices for someone who was good at my makeup but rubbish with my hair!

    I'd defo go with two people, can be cheaper and I think they will be more spot on with their job!

  • Do you know if that is the same for all MAC / beauty counters? I knew they did makeup trials where you got to spend the cost of the trial on makeup products, but didn't know they'd actually come to your house...I may pop into Debenhams and see what the beauty counters can offer me if that is the case!
  • I think they all do the £25 fee that you get back but not sure that they all come to your house.

    Im pretty sure that if you liked one of them then they would come to you, suppose the price would be around the same?

    I went to the bluewater one and the lady who is coming to me said most of the people she worked with did do the same as her.

    Let me know how you get on arowland17, I think the MAC counter really is a brill one to go to, LOVE THE LASHES image

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    Mine is £25 for hair (£25 for trial) and £35 for my bridal make up (£60 altogetehr if i have bridal make up trial) xx
    Mine is £50 for trial, £100 for day, MOB is £50. BM - Around £25 I think (To be confirmed) as BM's are young. Think £100-£150 is around average for just bridal trial and make up on day.

    Good luck!

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