Gel nails/ au natural!

Just wanted some thoughts on what to do with my nails for wedding, its not til August so still got ages! I had some gel nails put on with tips on friday past and they are off already! I think they made a bad job of them, I hated having tips and it all felt a bit bumpy. I much prefer short neat nails than long. Anyway they started falling off and underneath my nails now look in poor condition! Are they usually damaging to nails?

I love the look of gel nails but don't know whether I should wait til nearer the wedding to try them again in case they weaken my nails too much. The problem when I have natural nails I dont think they look neat and tidy, I think they look odd shapes and break etc.

Anyway just wanted to know what others were doing? Thanks xx


  • AnnaNicole1AnnaNicole1 Posts: 2,435
    Have you thought about having a gel/acrylic overlay? Acrylic can be damaging to the nail as we use primer which is to help the product adhere to your nails better.

    But alternatively (spelling) you coudl try a fibreglass or silk wraps these are more gentle on the nail and aren't as harsh to the natural nail an look natural an are thin enough to feel natural to you.

    If you gel nails were bumpy then thats a VERY bad salon becuase gel is self leveling! lol. I dont knwo how you coudl make gel lumpy an bumpy cos its impossible! lol.

    If you want anymore info just ask im anail tech by the way lol x
  • traceyhvtraceyhv Posts: 242
    I have the gels all the time with french tips. They are my own nails and have them fairly short. The gels stay on for 3/4 weeks and are great - they strenghtn my nails too. I have them permanently and wouldn't stop having them as they look so nice. I think you might need to try different salons as i tried 3 before I found one that were great x
  • Agree with MrsT, I have gel done but with no tip, painted over my own nails, looks fab and stays perfect and I keep mine for about 3 weeks before I go for a change, I alternate between getting a coloured gel and a french style x
  • daisylozdaisyloz Posts: 3,109
    Hi I have my nails done too...mine last 4 weeks no problem ...I use a salon with Vietnamese people owning it and they use the American methods which are much better and stronger...suggest you shop around xx
  • emsyjemsyj Posts: 3,807
    I'm not a huge fan of the white tips (altho I had them for my wedding at the nail lady's suggestion - they looked pretty tacky and there's a huge double page spread of my hands putting on hubby's ring right in the middle of our photo album and it makes me cringe!!! They look so unnatural). The sculptured acrylic nails look really natural though so I would go for those.
  • Thanks for all your replies ladies I think Ill try somewhere else. I want to be quite short, neat and most of all quite natural.

    So is it ok to get gel overlays all the time? It shouldn't damage your own nails? xx
  • I'm thinking of having a 3 week manicure at nails inc as they just paint it on your nails like polish and it doesn't damage them at all. Has anyone else had this done?
  • I've been looking at the 3 week manicure too, pricey at £60 but i'm`sure I can afford to splash out this once for getting married, especially if it's as good as it says as is non-chipping for upto 3-4 weeks! So i'd be interested to know if anyone can say this is true also...? I don't like the idea of false nails, would much rather go natural.
  • Hey Timone, I've head OPI do one too. I'll start another thread and see if we get any replies... xx
  • Thanks hun image
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