make up advice request - much needed!

Hello, I'm hoping some one wil be able to give me a bit of advice! I'm getting married 17th July 2010 and have organised a local hairdressers to do my hair - trial all booked for end of May.

However, I'm a bit worried over make up. I have NEVER worn it as previous attempts have ended up me in a horrible red rash for days and I realy dislike anything on my skin which is too heavy - if that makes sense! - only problem is that I blush very badly and especially when I'm nervous or flustered. If I wear lipsalve thats it!

My best friend got married last march and she had a make up artist she looked nice BUT dare I say it. . . . orange. I haven't mentioned it to her and have no wish to do so!

Should I try make up? not touch it with a barge pole and risk me looking beetroot?! arghh . . . decisions, decisions.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thanks in advance - and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and an extra special New Year!

misslnd x


  • Why not enquire with some make up artists in the area about price, availability etc, explain your concerns, and have a trial. That way, if you're not convinced, you've only lost the cost of the trial, and you're not stuck with it on the day.
  • If you're worried about blushing why not go to some make up counters to try a few different foundations - this way you can try before you buy and all you need to wear is a bit of foundation over your cheeks to minimise your blushing. I have this same problem so I just wear clinique foundation on my cheeks - just blend it well so theres no lines!
  • I have very fair skin and normally wear no make-up. Foundation makes me look orange so I decided straight away that I was going to wear make-up on my wedding day but I wasn't going to let anyone else do it.

    I went to one of the make-up counters at Debenhams and asked if they'd do a makeover so I could try it first, the first one didn't have time so I ended up at Bare Minerals and am impressed. I look nice in it but not orange and still like me - admittedly it's more than I've ever spent on make-up but I'm happy with it, it feels really natural and light.
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