Chignon and wedding veil?

Is it possible? :\?

I want a low, kind of messy chignon bun but I really want to wear a veil! I don't know anything about veils though.

Has anybody else done this? Or will you be doing this?


  • aggibelleaggibelle Posts: 1,074
    you could either wear the veil clipped in over your bun or under x
  • MrsDavouMrsDavou Posts: 1,152
    I don't see why not hun? type 'Chignon and wedding veil' into Google and you may find some pics in there.

    ARe you having your hair done by someone? When you have decided on your veil, they should be able to help you with the styling.

    I'm having a messy up do and also have no idea at the moment how it is all going to look. I keep changing my mind from the veil being attached low down, to it being on top of my head!!! Trial and error is going to be the only way image
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