Brittle Hair?

I've alsways had thick healthy hair but over the last 6 months its gone really, really dry and brittle. i have loads of flyway bits because it snaps so easily. I seem to have tried every deep conditioning treatment in Boots and nothing works! I've stopped using a hairdryer and only wash it every other day. Its a nightmare - can anyone help me??



  • its horrible isnt it?! my ghds have wrecked my hair. i dont know whats best, but whats working for me is washing my hair less, using a shampoo for "aged" hair (my hair is quite long and therefore it is actually old hair), using aussie 3 minute treatment conditioner, aussie leave in conditioner, and most definately heat protector (tigi bedhead one is really nice to use), and i use a wide tooth comb and comb from the ends up to avoid breakage. a good inch off the ends has really made a difference to how it feels and how it sits.

    i know a lot of it could be due to stress and diet, im sure someone else here could advise you on that, i dont really know!
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    I have really fine brittle hair and after taking a hair and nail supplement for a month really noticed the difference.

    Even my hairdresser commented unprompted on the fact that she though it was getting thicker at the roots.
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    I put coconut oil on for an hour and wrap my head in a warm towel. Wash your hair twice to get it all out and it makes your hair lovely!!

    Bonus as well, is that you can cook with coconut oil too, and moisturise your body with it!! Multi purpose!!
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    Thanks ladies - think I'll give it all a go!

    I've never heard of coconut oil before - where do you get it from?

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    Hiya, take the plunge and have a good cut, I just had to do this, and my hairdresser told me that whenever you use a deep conditioning treatment also use a normal conditioner afterwards as the intensive one targets the inside of the hair, the normal one tackles the outside folicles of the hair.I believed her as she didn;t try to sell me anything, she said the aussie range is great.
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    I always see those nail & hair supplements and question whether they are actually any good. I think I'll go and get one today. Welly - which one do you use?
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    aussie 3 min miracle is amazing and it smells lovely!
  • welly172welly172 Posts: 124
    Hi sorry for the delay in replying, not been on line since Friday.

    Had my hen weekend so been a bit hung over......

    I use the one sold by health span it is called Hair and Nails. you can see their range of products on-line.
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