Having a hair wobble - help!

I popped some pics up of my hair trial a few months ago and got an unanimous vote from you lovely ladies that the up - do was the one to go for - I was stuck between the side do and up do.

I have now tried on my dress and am thinking the up do just won't go.

Can you ladies have a swatch at my dress and the hair and tell me which one goes best with the whole look?

(The hair isn't the best, the hairdresser didn't curl my extensions properly and the extensions are knackered so need new ones)

http://s51.photobucket.com/albums/f356/jeniwren21/Hair and dress/


  • I think either would be fine. You need to go with what feels best for you.
  • I still think the updo its more elegant for the occassion..but after all it is your day so its how you feel x
  • apollobearapollobear Posts: 8,627
    It's always really difficult to imagine what the whole look is going to be. Your dress has quite a lot of detail on it which is why I would lean towards the updo - keeping your hair simple and sophisticated will show off your dress more. x
  • pot_of_goldpot_of_gold Posts: 5,254
    I think I am going to attempt to recreate them both - with the dress on - nearer the time.

  • I also think either would look ok, if you prefer the side down do then go for this. You ought to feel confortable on the day so go with which ever feels best. Trying them both with the dress should help though....
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