Just got my Glitzy Secrets head bands!!!

Hi Ladies,

I'm really excited!

I have just got my Glitzy Secrets headbands. I ordered 2 because I couldn't decide. They are so beautiful. I could hardly pick which one. I order the Hierloom pearl and crystal side Tiara and the The Teasure Pearl side Tiara. I have decided on the last one as it is a bit bigger.

I really cannot recommend them enough they look so expensive and the are under £50 even less if you use a discount code. I had been pining over Magpie vintage and Halo and co andf flo and percy stuff but could justify the cost. I'm glad I didn't buy them now.

I have bought all my bridesmaids presents another birthday pressie. The products are great and look so much better than the pictures. I cannot wait to wear them.

Would post pics but have tried before and cannot do it although followed instruction from others brides to be!

here are links.




  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    Hey!!! You have had to choose between exactly the same two I was pondering over! I had no choice tho in the end as the heirloom was out of stock so I ordered the Vintage pearl side on the advice of my BM who said I was a plain jane bride otherwise!! I was so chuffed its BEAUTIFUL isn't it, I love mine sooooooo much! How are you wearing your hair? x
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    p.s here are the pics x

    The one you have gone for:

    and the other equally beautiful one x

  • It's so hard to choose!

    I have long curly hair and wear it up at work and down when I go out. I think I'm wearing it up???? Got a hair trial in Jan so it depends on this.

    What about you? When is your wedding?

    I always imagined myself wearing a tiara. However when I tried on my dress with a tiara I really looked silly. The dress in the shop is 2 sizes too big I was wearing red shoes and I looked like a girl who has nicked her Mums stuff and tried it on!!! and at 39 thats not easy. It was after this that I got obsessed by side tiaras. I also bought the hair clip that matches it will wear this on the otherside!

    I'm sure you wouldn't look like plain Jane. What is your dress like?

    Sarah ximage
  • MrsRuddersMrsRudders Posts: 2,761
    oh bless you I'm sure you didn't look silly at all! I know what you mean though! I still feel like playing dress up when I try mine on as its at home. I'm 35 so feel a bit old to be a bride too! Tiaras are just not my thing, I could not find one I liked, then I fell in lovely with all things Glitzy (secrets lol). I think I am having a side do with the hair down to one side during the day, then pinned into a bun for the evening just for some difference. My hair is long and naturally curly but I normally straighten it. I'm going to have extensions nearer the time and have it curled.

    Here is my dress, its a crap pic as I had to take it myself with my phone, and the skirt needs taking in at the sides it is supposed to be more fitted, slightly too big:

  • loupow83loupow83 Posts: 398
    I have the Heirloom of Beauty Side Tiara and i absolutely love it!! I already have a Liza Designs tiara but then stumbled across Glitzy Secrets and fell in love with the side tiaras, so i just had to have one. Have bought my bracelet from Glitzy too - just hope it all goes with my dress, which is SaBelle by MS, fingers crossed, i am sure it all will though.

    You look fab Jojowanna....love your dress!! Do you have pics of you in your headband??


  • wow it's looks fab. You look so slim and nice veil.

    My hair's naturally curly tooand I have loads of it.

    I'm wearing a sottero and midgley dress.


    It arrives jan in the right size.

    My fiance just told me off for looking a wedding porn!!! Thats what he call magazines/ websites etc. He finds it so funny as I am not a typical bridey type.

    I tell him it took me long enough to find him I am determined to enjoy it.

    Where and when are you tying thr knot?

    I'm in manchester Julys the date.

    If I don't logg on again Happy New Year and an exciting one

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