Flowers or hair clip?

Hi Ladies

I just wondered if you could give me your opinions on the following, before I start my dress is Summber by Maggie which has a flowers over 1 shoulder.

I always had this image in my head that I would have my hair in a bun on one side with a glitzy clip at the top of the bun (hope this is making sense). When I ordered my dress they started putting flowers in my hair (the bun was the opposite side to the shoulder strap) and it looked really nice, so they have ordered me an extra flower coursage so my hair dresser can cut it up and put it in my hair....but now im wondering will it be flower overkill?

I really do love the idea and would use just a couple of little flowers to (hopefully) compliment the strap rather then compete with it but do you think this will be too much??


  • Gorgeous dress! I think a couple of small flowers would look lovely - big ones might be overkill, but small ones would compliment it. If your not sure, book a hair trial for a day you are going for a dress fitting, that way you can see it all together before the big day x
  • C2beC2be Posts: 92
    thank you - i do love the dress, had a bit of a wobble but ok now.

    thanks for that - its always interesting to hear other peoples opinions.

    Yeah I could do this, actually my fittings are at 9 in the morning but my cousin is doing my hair and im sure she could do it one day and then the dress shop would let me pop in and try it on quickly, x
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