I REALLY hate my ears

Hi there, I really hate my ears, was born with problems and had a botched op to make them look normal when I was 13 and they basically aren't right. One of them is worse than the other though so I could feasibly stick a big flower or something on one side if i have it up.

My other problem is that my hair is pretty fine and wont really hold a down style like curls, has anyone got any suggestions for an one or both ear covering style that will last all day & night?

I haev just read this back, what a random post!


  • could you have like a side bun, side parting and hair covering practically all of one side? think it would look really classy. Or what about a really pretty silk/fabric hairband that covers both of your ears, but allows you to have whatever style you want at the back (curls etc)
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    Not random at all - very valid question!

    I can't really help with specifics unfortuantely but I do know that there have been a fair number of asymetric up dos in some of the mags lately so have a good look.

    Not much help am I?!

    Just really wanted to reassure that there ARE styles out there!

    I'll have a good root through my magazine library over the weekend and come back if I find anything more specific.

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    Im having a loose side chignon, ive got a couple of pics but have no clue how to attatch them for you to see. If you have a look on google you should find some. It's loose curls all pinned up to one side which you could have covering your ear and ive seen some with big flowers, you could have this over the other ear.It should stay in well too. I think you should see a hairdresser and explain your problem, a good one will be able to help you and adapt a style that will make you feel comfy. Hope that helps a bit. pix x
  • hey check this out, this is the sort of thing i was thinking of http://www.glitzandglamourboutique.com/category/Scarf-Headbands/c136p2 there is a nice cream one, scroll down and click on it x
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    i had my left ear operated on when i was 4 or 5 as i was born without cartlidge in it so it was just floppy when i was born and it's never looked quite right!! i'm only conscious of it when i see pics of me!! last year i was bridesmaid and had an up do with lots of barrel curls tumbling down wasn't intentional to hide my ear but nobody commented on it!! and i never really noticed it in the pics!!

    i've just looked at the pics and realised the curls at the front were over to the right side not over my left!! still can't see my ear much though!!!

    i'll email a few to you if you are interested!!

    Sian x x x x x
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    Guys thank you so so much for all the advice, I think I just needed to know that there were options, its amazing what tricks our minds can play on us when we think about the fact that everyone will be looking at u all day! Really appreciate it, everyone is so nice here, its really lovely x
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    I know what you mean reetyre all your insecurities really come out dont they! Ive got a crooked tooth which doesnt usually bother me but i keep thinking about everyone seeing it on the day- its crazy, ive had it all my life, everyones already seen it, its no big deal, we all have our little imperfections-they make us who we are but for some reason i feel paranoid! Anyway, im sure you'll find a gorgeous hair style and really, no-one will be looking at your ears they'll be too busy thinking about how fab you look!x
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