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So I am sat here slightly hungover with the crappy dead looking skin that goes with it and it occurred to me I maybe should be doing something in order to look all glowing and radient in 6 months time -

What would you recomend as you top tips either magic products or things that you do to make you look fab? as I feel I could do with some help on this!image


  • kamc2kamc2 Posts: 85
    Water, water and more water! Apparently it's the best thing you can do for your skin. I must admit I've been a bit slack with it and only have 1 month to go so am drinking gallons of the stuff!

    I think skin, hair and nails vitamins are meant to work as well.

    Karen x
  • chagalinchagalin Posts: 616
    Drink lots of water, exfoliate every week, lots of moisturiser erm....... to open up your eyes i put a smudge of silvery shimmer eye shadow around the inner corner and just below your eyebrow, bronzers always good. I'd also recommend biooil, it evens out skin tone, great for dry skin and fades scares or blemishes. That's all my little tips i think though i have to say that i dont particularly feel like a glowing beautiful bride at the mo either!x
  • babybell187babybell187 Posts: 710
    Olay day and night cream! I use the normal white pot ones that cost about a fiver and I think they're really good.

    I used to spend a fortune on lotions and potions, but nothing is ever any different to the next product and the ingredients are all basically the same!

    What else............If you've got long hair like me, I like to put coconut oil on it and leave it on for an hour in a warm towel, then wash your hair twice in the shower and it goes lovely and soft and scented!

    I also whiten my teeth which always makes me feel good too! x
  • bayybell what whitening product do you use?
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249

    I am a beauty therapist so i can offer you a little at home advice. Go get yourself a cleanser, exfoliator and a radiance peeling mask, a toner and a good moisturiser. You want something to suit your skin type-you sound like you may have de-hydrated or dry skin i would start with them all suited for normal to sensitive skin. Cleanse tone and mositurise every morning and night, use an exfoliator twice a week and a mask once a week. If you have the time indulge yourself in a professional facial once a month until 2 months before your wedding. As the other girls have metioned drink plenty of water-i know its hard i find it hard to drink water-make sure its chilled and add a hint of lemon it takes away the bland taste. Try these tips for a week and let me know if you notice a difference in your skin.

    Roslyn x
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