Body Wraps??


I'm considering have a course of body wraps before my big day and was wondering if anyone has had them before and how effective they are??

Do you really lose as many inches as they say?? I'm hoping to lose inches around my middle and arms most of all.

let me know!


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  • surlousurlou Posts: 165
    Hi I have tried the inch-loss wraps, they measure you before and after and I certainly seemed to lose quite a few inches... arms less so, and tummy if i remember rightly lost an inch or 1.5 inches.

    I only had one (not a course) and did not really find it long lasting - the main thing it gave me was confidence as my skin felt softer and tighter (if that makes sense) - and my clothes did feel slightly looser.

    My one tip is get wrapped when you have time to go home as they mark you with pen so they are able to measure you again in the same place... you also end up muddy.

    Perhaps give one a try - see what you think, then maybe go for the course?

    hope this helpsx
  • Katza84Katza84 Posts: 787
    ooooh i might have to have a few of these too!
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