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why oh why has this happened 7days before the big day !

miricle cure wanted/needed........... NOW !

please x


  • JMuk1JMuk1 Posts: 319
    I am so scared of this happening to me - I always seem to get one big spot before any big night out/special occasion so i know it will happen - it's sod's law.

    I think if you hold an ice cube against the spot it will calm the redness and swelling immediately, and I use tee tree oil at night applied directly to the spot if I have any that I want to get rid of. Sometimes it works a treat, sometimes it doesn't!

    There are some expensive (ish) spot treatments that are supposed to get rid of them in one or two days, but I can't remember any brand names, and have never tried them
  • westergillewestergille Posts: 323
    This is my nightmare too. It's not so much how it will look in the photos but that I know I be conscious of it and i worry it'll spoil the day.
  • GatorgirlukGatorgirluk Posts: 183
    Hi, Clearasil Ultra facewash is good, smells a bit masculine but clears things up quickly and does not dry you out. There is also a good cream from Oxy, I'm sorry I don't remember the name but it is an orange tube and it shrinks them really, really quickly. Hope you get them under control, this is my biggest nightmare too. Good Luck!!!
  • JOMAukJOMAuk Posts: 172
    I would recommend dermilogica

    It is in a small tube and you put in on at night it will disappear in a day or 2

    Good luck

    Jo x
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Thanks for the suggestions, be prepared girls as your nightmares are actually happing to ME !
  • xTIGRESSxxTIGRESSx Posts: 1,278

    No wot a nightmare for you!

    See if this helps - steam your face for as long as you can stand, bout 5 mins at least (don't scald youself tho lol) n then rub tea tree cream over areas most affected. On the day make sure you don't wear too much foundation (clogs pores) n have a good cover up/concealer ready in case.

    Hope this helps

    luv n hugs x 8)
  • CeleryukCeleryuk Posts: 3,640
    I am reading the Stella from the Sunday Telegraph of last week. They have an article about the best products to banish zits:

    Eau Thermale from Avene

    Spot Remover from Origins

    Special Clearing booster from Dermalogica

    Sulfur Therapeutic mask from DDF

    Drying lotion from Mario Badescu

    Also I have found out that the cream for cold sore usually can work out very well for emergency!

  • its awful to suggest...but heamorroid (sorry, sp) cream works! proper shrinks the nasty wee things. or theres that stuff advertised on tv all the time, freederm or seomthing! good luck for your big day! not long, you must be so excited!
  • amyvairaamyvaira Posts: 276
    I have always sworn by Sage and Comfrey Blemish gel from the Body Shop. Have been using it since I was a teenager and it's fantastic. A big blob on the nastiest spot just before bed and the next day it has drawn it ouy, dried it up and started to disappear.
  • marlyxmarlyx Posts: 903
    Thanks girl im getting them all !
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