hair up vs hair down and tiara?????

hi everyone i need a little bit of help from everyone. i cant decide whether to wear my hair up or down. my dress is danube by ian stuart in pale blue and i have quite long very thick blonde hair which is quite curly. my hair dresser makes my hair look great softly curled but when i have tried my dress on people tell me it will look great with my hair up sort of tousled and not perfect if you know what i mean.i was dead set on this as my veil is actually the shawl that comes with the dress and my dressmaker is making it into a veil so is simple i was originally wearing hair grips and no tiara but now i am wondering if i should wear a tiara as its a chance to dress up but i dont know if tiaras and hair up go. please help and im sorry to go on xximage


  • Hi there

    I've just looked at your dress on the ian stuart website and its fantastic. personally i think your hair will prob be better up (be ab;e to show your dress off bettter) My friend got married last August, she had her hair up and also had a tiara and she looked fantastic (like a princess)

    I've got the same dilema about my hair, i'd like to have it up as i think it looks better that way with my dress but i'm paranoid about my ears. although they don't stick out that bad (just all in my head i think) i just dont want them to be protruding even if slightly on my wedding day, so i've got to find a style so i can have it up without my ears showing.


  • thankyou for that i feel a little reassured now, and if you are worried go and see a hairdresser andsee what they can do, i didnt realise how importand and talented hairdressers are until all this wedding business. xx good luck
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    i am having an ian stuart dress, frangipani, i have seen girls wearing tiarias and veils with ian stuart dresses and somehow i dodnt hink it looks right. they are such beautiful unusual dresses it would be ashame to make them ordinary. i think the idea of having the shawl as your veil is beautiful

  • hey 3rdtimelucky.

    Frangipani is gorgeous. Unfortunately it was way over my budget for my dress so I'm having it copied and altered here and there (so as not to affect copyright etc) and to be a bit more flattering on me by a dress maker. only thing is I wanted the dress in platinum and its proving difficult to find a silk fabric in a similar colour. on the wedding fashion page i've posted asking for peoples opinions on 2 sample colours for my dress. i would be grateful if you'd take a look and give me your opinion (post is reputable company for silk fabric)

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