Heard a nice thing yesterday

My cousin who is a beauty therapist has always been doing my wedding make up. However i went round to get my eyebrows done yesterday and she told me she had booked herself onto a course for wedding make up. She said whilst it will be a string to her bow she really did it cause she didnt want to mess up my wedding day make up and make sure I look good for my photos and so my make up wil last all night and day.

I thought how lovely this was, and just have to day she is a girl who used ot be a mental health nurse who gave it al up to follow this new career path. Not sure I expect any replies to this but felt the need to say how proud and plesaed I am!


  • donutuk1donutuk1 Posts: 99
    Thats really sweet.You and your cousin obviously think a lot of each other.I asked my sister to do my makeup as she used to do body shop parties.I never wear makeup apart from mascara so i didnt want too much.Unfortunatly i ended up looking like a doll.I dont want to hurt her feelings but i really feel i should get it done properly.
  • sallysimpson1sallysimpson1 Posts: 1,491
    I ama bit like you. I very rarely wear proper make up so I fell when I put it on I look too over done, going to havew lots of trials before hand to get used to it!
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