Lumpy Bumpy Arms! EEEKKK!

Am now rapidly counting down to 100 days and have started my beauty regime but am struggling to know what to do with the skin on my arms and chest (which is fairly key in a strapless dress!). Basically skin is all bumpy under the surface - does not seem to be turning into spots but is not going away either.

It is impervious to exfoliating and moisturising and I see no noticable improvement after forking out £50 on a "total body treatment". imageimageimageAny ideas what is is or what i can do about it anyone?!



  • Hi,

    Can understand why you feel desperate to find a solution as I've had ongoing issues with my skin. Strangely the skin on my nose - which will be on display regardless!!! has been so dry and sore that i started feeling down. I did manage to find some cream from 'Lush' which I know is over-powering but (touch wood!) it's 95% better. Try looking at their products - however if it's really bad it may be best to see your doctor. Good luck.
  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358

    It has been recommended on here to use Lush's soap (but I've forgotoon what it's called). Anyhow, it hasn't worked for me.

    My friend told me to use Sudocrem and within 2 days it my arms look loads better. You can get a tub from the supermarkets for about £4. It's antiseptic healing cream. Napkin Rash, Eczema, Bed Sores. Other indications: Sunburn, Minor Burns, Surface wounds, Acne, Chilblains.

    If you try it please leave yourself enough time for it to soak in as it takes an age and it smells antisepticy, but not horrid.

  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249

    Have you ever heard of Microdermabrasion? I am a beauty therapist and i find a course of treatments every two weeks and you will not have that problem at all. Its a very deep exfoliating treatment and your skin will look like a babies once the course of treatments is done you will notice a big difference after the first treatment.

  • thankd for all your ideas have been upto Tesco's for Sudacrem (forgotten how much it whiffs) so see if it is any better than the aqueous cream that has been making me greasy but no les bumpier.

    Rosapenny thanks for the tip had only heard of people having it on their faces so off to scour for a therapist nearby to talk to!

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