Feel bad - don't want to upset her!

My h2b friends girlfriend offered to do the hair and makeup for me and 4 bridesmaids she is trained in the beauty industry but ive never seen any of her work (only see her when we meet as big group so dont know her that well)

Unfortunatly her dad passed away in Jan and havent seen her since which cant blame her that wedding is not most important thing in her life right now!

Thing is we are getting married in sept and i think to ask 1 person to do 5 peoples hair and makeup is quite a lot to do in a morning so I have booked a makeup lady today at a wedding fayre. I have emailed her a told little white lie that my aunty has booked it as a present for me.

H2b said that i shouldnt have done it as this girl did offer to do it for free and she will be hurt if i dont accept her offer - although i still would like her to do the hair. So now i feel terrible.

But this lady i have booked does a package where you get trial and makeup on the day, delux facial, full body massage (with stones or something!) manicure and pedicure for £175 which i think is quite good?? Do you???? she does facials and massage few weeks before and manicure/pedicure day before.

Sorry to go on but I feel terrible and h2b doesnt help by saying she will be hurt, but i think she has a lot going on at moment and now she wont have to do so much on morning of wedding (plus I get massage and facials thrown in although have no money put aside for this as she was doing it for free!)

Oh I dont know - Brain is a bit hazy today, we went to a wedding yesterday 4 hours away got very drunk (free bar!!!) and then left at 8am and straight to the wedding fayre (our venue has been redecorated and it was the 'grand opening' so wasnt going to miss that!) and now just had a row with h2b about upsetting people

Sorry for going on not really a huge problem just really really hate upsetting people!

Laura x


  • louiseglasheenlouiseglasheen Posts: 1,643
    Can the lady you have booked work in tandem with your friend? Your friend could do the BMs while this lady concentrates on you?
  • aliz1973aliz1973 Posts: 274
    can you be honest and just tell her that you didn't want to add to her stress?

    - i would think you were being very considerate
  • kamc2kamc2 Posts: 85
    Don't feel bad, I think it was very ambitious to think that q person could do 5 people's hair and makeup.

    My hairdresser was going to do hair for 5 of us and makeup for 3 and she was going to bring a friend with her to help with hair (putting rollers in etc). Our wedding is at 3pm and they were going to arrive at 8am to do all this.

    I've since decided to do my own makeup but she still wants to come at 8 as she wont have met a couple of peope.

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