Natural fake tan

Hey everyone!

I am getting married in less than 2 weeks now (I can't believe it!!) and frankly I have been so busy buying all the little extras that I am now v v poor! Can anyone recommend a really nice natural fake tan that I can have professionally done in a salon for the big day? I don't want that really dark leather handbag look, just something to make my skin look glowing - I can't really afford a trial and also I am not prepared to buy one and do it myself as I always mess it up when I try...

thanks everyone!


  • aburkeukaburkeuk Posts: 52
    I'm quite pale and got the fake bake tan done. I had a nice glow and didn't look too fake. Obviously people who know me knew i had a tan done, but others couldn't tell.

    I paid £30 for a body scrub and tan.

    Toni xx
  • I am going to go for a fake tan as I am VERY pale.

    My local salon does St. Tropez. Any advice on this one please?
  • JOMAukJOMAuk Posts: 172
    I would have california tan done, i am also very pale!!! it gives a natural glow and it takes 15mins to put on and costs around £15-20,abit more with tropez is a little orangey,but is nice! A little more expensive tho..

    Good luck

    Jo xx
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