waterproof mascara ?

can anyone recommend a good mascara that doesn't clog - waterproof of course for the big day as I'm sure there is going to be lots of tears (probably more from h2b than me!!) thanks ladies


  • Hi Lee2b

    There is only 1 mascara out there that is truly waterproof....I had been using it for 13 years since I was a bridesmaid for my friend... Its called Kanebo 38 degree....It only washes off in water thats over that temp. its £14.99 but it lasts me about 10 months...bargain really when I use it everyday....

    Kanebo has been withdrawn from all UK stores (except..Harrods) but you can buy it on the internet...

    hope this helps....

  • i havent tried it, but the woman at the makeup counter put it on me, i dont know how effective it is, but "she lac" (sp?) by benefit is meant to make any makeup waterproof
  • I have bought Maxi frange waterproof by Bourjois for my wedding and having been using it and its really good. I even left it on in bed one night (I know- that is so bad) but it didnt smudge. It cost me around £10 from Superdrug (or i guess anywhere like that) P.S. If you get it, make sure you look at the colour coz i ended up with green by mistake!!!
  • gottaget200gottaget200 Posts: 774
    I use Max Factor More Lashes Waterproof on everyone i work on. It's 100% waterproof and smudgeproof and is fibre free so great for contact lens wearers. Like most waterproof mascaras it's not very lengthening or thickening so i use smashbox lash primer underneath to lengthen and thicken beforehand.

    Juliet x
  • I don't have very thick or long lashes and am very particular about my mascara-now using dior show.

    Is there any waterproof mascara at all out there ( and i've bought a lot) that anyone has tried that will thicken and lengthen?

  • Lancome Hypnose is great! Lengthens definitely, doesn't thicken as well as the non-waterproof version but still has a good go!

    It will not budge though! do be warned!! make sure you have a good eye make-up remover!

  • blossom25blossom25 Posts: 3,070
    I'm using a Max Factor mascara with a product from Clarins that waterproofs it. I use it on my brows too to make sure they stay neat. xx
  • mitsycatmitsycat Posts: 1,390

    I have just got some of that max factor waterproof more lashes, i'm not great at putting mascara on but i think its really good! I suffer from hayfever and get itchy/runny eyes and the mascara even satys on during that! So its good enough for me...

    Surprisingly enough i got mine off ebay for £3.50 delivered!! If anyone wants the link let me know x
  • markyboy789markyboy789 Posts: 947
    After reading an article in a wedding magazine i went out and bought 'Clinique' gentle waterproof mascara and have been wearing it all weekend. My lashes are normally really sensitive and even irritated by max factor and lancome but this one has been perfect and makes lashes very light and fluffy, you can also built it up for the evening which i like. Wore to a tearful wedding on Friday and didn't budge!!

    (Last night i forgot i had it on and started using my normal eye make up remover and nothing was coming off.. so it really doesn't smudge without the slightly oily remover!)
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