Hair and Make-up in Yorkshire/North East - recomendation

I am getting married at Crathorne Hall Hotel (Yarm, North Yorkshire) in March :\). I am based down in the south at the moment and I am finding it really hard to find recomendations on mobile hair and make-up artists :\(. I need hair and make up for myself, 4 adult bridesmaids, and my mum on the morning of the wedding. Any ideas/recomendations for good hair and make-up artists? Any help gatefully recieved.

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  • chki22chki22 Posts: 1,076
    I've booked Kate Pymm, i know a couple of other girls that have used her and were really impressed x x
  • I have looked at her web site and e-mailed her. She seams really nice and friendly. Have you got someone else to do your hair?
  • chki22chki22 Posts: 1,076
    Yeah i'm using my hair dresser in Stockton at Toni and Guy. Have you tried Emma Cuthbertson? She's meant to be really good as well xx
  • loubybloubyb Posts: 1,503
    Hi DrDewy.

    I can't help with the hair and make up but just wanted to say that I'm getting married at Crathorne Hall in June. xx
  • Thanks chki22 - no I havn't tried emma. I will try her now.

    Loubyb - how exciting. Crathorne have been fantastic so far. So excited. Just really want to sort my hair and make-up out - it my last big job. I am really stuck. Time is going really fast, before I know it I will be walking down that aisle.
  • loubybloubyb Posts: 1,503
    I've not really had that much to do with Crathorne at the mo but I'm sure I'll have to speak to Vicki pretty soon.

    I'm having my hair done at Klass hairdressers in Northallerton as its just round the corner from where I live. Don't think I'm having anyone do my make up as I want to do it myself although H2B isn't too keen on that idea. xx
  • Hi Emma cuthbertson is very good had her do mine and bridesmaids make-up for my wedding in july last year would def recommend her

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