What do you think of this Hair with my dress?

Hi everyone, I love this hairstyle-

this is my dress, however I am having straps added to mine

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    I also have both a tiara and hair flowers as can't decide, what I want to wear, I am getting married in Cyprus

    this is my tiara-

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    and these are the hair flowers I have

    What do you think?

    Thank you xx
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    I think both will look beautiful - where is your tiara from? I really like it but I'm looking for something wihout pearls for me.

  • wow all in all and all together i think its going to be stunning.

    I love the hair style with that dress as it adds soft grecian goddess look not to mention the tiara will set that off wonderfully.

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    Hi mubee, thank you its from Liza Designs. xx
  • sunshinecmdsunshinecmd Posts: 1,388
    Thanks Kimkitten image
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    hiya chicken,

    I absolutely love taylor swifts hair!!! Good choice hun! I think it goes wonderfully with the dress and also the tiara!

    will u have the flowers scattered around the back of the hair? xxx
  • Beautiful, classic and elegant. Absolutely!
  • hello MrsHigginstobe

    we are dress twins!!!!!

    Love the hairstyle

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    Thanks everyone, yes Camilla the hair flowers would be around the back I have six, not sure how many I'd wear.

    Harrybobin can't believe I have a dress twin didn't think I'd ever find one lol. When are where are you getting married? What accessories are you having and hair etc? Sorry for all the questions just didn't think anyone else had this dress.

  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    ah ure going to look wonderfully beautiful Catherine x
  • mico62mico62 Posts: 241
    love the hairstyle, I was wearing mine down til I had a try on of everything last night, I could still wear my side tiara with something like that x
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    Aww thanks Camilla image

    Mico62 I think it would look lovely with a side tiara.


  • Hi Mrshigginstobe

    I get married in mexico this may. I've bought a headband but I'm not too sure if I'm going to wear it yet. Still not sure on how to have my hair exactlty but I'm fairly certain I want an updo and something quite natural like the pic you've chosen, I keep looking through wedding websites for inspiration.
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    wat number style is ure tiara Catherine x
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    Hi MrsHigginstobe,

    I love that hairstyle, is your dress a marylise one? Where abouts are you going to wear the tiara? Obviously on your head, lol, but are you going to have it sit quite near the front of the head, so just where the two bits of hai come down? I think it will look lovely. Are the flowers going to be more around the back near in the loose poneytail/bun?

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    Stunning x
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    Hi Camilla not sure on style number got it free with my dress image from bridal shop.

    Harrybobin I get married in May too in Cyprus.

    Catmandoo it's a Mori Lee Votage dress, Was only going to wear either the tiara or hair flowers as not sure what both would look like together? Not sure where to wear it maybe like you said near the bits that come down. Still not sure on what jewellery to wear either think maybe earrings and a bracelet.


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    I think it might be a bit *much* with both TBH, are you having a hair trial? I am leaning towards the flowers especially for a beach style wedding.
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    Hi, yes I agree will only wear one or the other, wanted to have the option to have both for my hairdresser in Cyprus, to see what looked best. was going to have a trial in Cyprus before wedding not sure whether to have one here too. x
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    thats my dilema chicken, wat to do hun x
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    What a gorgeous dress - wow!

    Would you believe it, my tiara is practically identical to yours - good choice but I think if your definitely going with your choice of hairstyle I would go for the pretty flowers.

    Good luck.

    J x
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    I know Camilla it's hard to know what to do for the best.

    MrsL 2 b, thank you. It is a gorgeous tiara, I think the flowers would suit that style better too as they are more relaxed and would suit a wedding abroad. But the tiara is amazing. xx

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    Hehe, you need a black tie do to wear the tiara too! image
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    Hehe yes catmandoo.

    Thank you Helen image
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    What does everyone think of these earrings? I love the ones Taylor is wearing, my theme is pink ivory and silver, but my bag is silver too


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    This is my bag

  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    ahh Catherine the bag is gorgeous. I would say the pink earrings if opting for the hair flowers huni!

    Hmmmm shall I buy a bag now . . . lol x
  • sunshinecmdsunshinecmd Posts: 1,388
    Hi Camilla, thank you I love my bag so much, I do love the pink earrings, thank you. xx
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