Tanning body lotions - your reviews!

Just wondering if anyone has / does use a tanning body lotion, the ones where you gradually build up a natural looking tan.

I was thinking about getting a spray tan for our big day, but after going to town today and seeing a woman in a shop litrally resembling a clothed glow stick i've decided not!

I don't want to look like i've been frying myself, i just want a nice "healthy glow"

Also do they wash off in the bath / shower? (sorry if to sound dumb, but i always assumed if you wash it - it comes off?!)

So your views please girlies :\) xox !

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  • lak32lak32 Posts: 978 New bride
    I've used the Dove one and the Johnsons one in the past (both of them in the paler shade as I'm very pale naturally). I HATE fake tan but these were OK.

    They don't wash off in the shower, but they do come off when you shave your legs - big time. I remember having to wash off the brownish streak from the bath where I'd shaved my legs. It will also come off a bit when you exfoliate etc.

    For the big day though, legs presumably don't matter much. The body lotions with only give you a bit of added tan, but generally look more realistic than fake tan. Make sure you wash your hands after applying though - tanned palms do NOT look natural.
  • EmzillarEmzillar Posts: 444
    Thanks for the tips hun, legs don't matter as much to me really just the top half. All i wanted was a nice glow so they sould perfect.

    There's alot on the shelfs atm so it's just finding the best one, hopefully a few more reviews will help me decide image x
  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    Ive tried Garnier Summer Body (i think thats what its called!) That was quite good - i tend to buy the ones for medium to darker skin (im fair and pale with freckles but often find the ones for light skin a bit yellowy). I also tried the St Tropaz every day, that was also quite good. I tend to buy them when they are on special offer as otherwise they are quite expensive!! The thing that annoys me is that most of them still smell like fake tan - so if you put it on in the morning as your moisturiser, you end up stinking all day so put it on before i go to bed - H2B hates it!!! lol!

    When putting it on, make sure you exfoliate every other day otherwise in can have a bit of a build up!

    I am unsure as to whether to have a spray tan as ive had a few in the past and never been that impressed - like you (and most people) i dont want a proper tan, just a nice glow! Ive heard that Xen tan is supposed to be really good so might have and see whats its like....

    Good luck! x

  • Hi, i agree with Mrs Lobley, I like the Garnier 1 best as I find it doesn't streak or get patchy as long as you exfoliate. I also found it to have the best fragrance. I found the Dove 1 to feel really sticky for ages and the Johnsons 1 to absolutley stink! I would recommend the garnier 1 for a budget option.

    I have used Xen tan...it's FAB! it's a bit more expensive though, think I paid about £18 per bottle or something like that. It looks likes melted chocolate when you squirt it out! but don't worry, it gives a fantastic colour. I had loads of compliments after I'd used it. People though I'd been away on holiday. I found the first couple of application were really good and i was really pleased with the results, and it has the least "fake tan smell" out of all the tans I've tried! I did find towards the bottle of the bottle (i'd say you prob get about 4 full body applications) the results weren't as good and the smell seemed to get more fake tan like. It might be becuase I kept the bottle for too long or something, not sure. The first application out of the bottle didn't have that tell tale fake tan smell hardly at all! i was really impressed. so i would say to buy a brand new bottle just for ur big day. i found 2 application gives a gorgeous colour, but if your very pale skinned and just want it to take the "milk bottle" effect away, 1 application a day or so b4 ur big day should be fine. I would definitely recommend it as it gives a more natural colour. I have found spray tans to look quite orangey xx

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  • Lily162010Lily162010 Posts: 3,064
    I agree about Xen Tan, its great, I got mine from Ebay and it was quite cheap
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