Bobbie Brown or MAC?

Hi everyone

I've heard good things with both Bobbie Brown and MAC foundation. I'm having my wedding in Australia so it needs to withstand the heat, Has anyone tried these brands abroad in a hot country? If so did u like them and did the last all day?

Thanks for your help! I'm really not sure which one to go for. x


  • TheNemoTheNemo Posts: 929
    I've never got on well with Mac to be honest although somee brides on here swear by it. I have both dry and oily skin so it is a problem

    Love Bobbie Brown smudge free mascara but haven't tried her foundation.

    I swear by smashbox, it's the only mmake up that stays put on my face and is still there when I'm cleaning my face at night,
  • MrsOge2bMrsOge2b Posts: 162
    Hi - I can't advise on Bobbi Brown Foundation as never used it on myself or anyone else, however her creamy concealers are amazing. I use Mac Studio Fix Fluid alot but it has been a roller coaster journey with all Mac foundations. Sometimes I love it sometimes I hate it - but used correctly...its love all the way. Maybe pop on to Makeup Alley to see some reviews of products you are not sure on.
  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    Hi hun, I have heard recently and it was in the paper that the newest BB foundation is top dog! x
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