Side tiara and hair comb...much difference?

I fell in love with a Polly Edwards side tiara today. Only problem is it was £200! Just wondered if i brought a hair comb instead and placed it where the broach bit on the side tiara would have been would this give the same effect? Is a hair comb the same thing as a side tiara but with out the headband? hope this makes sense!?


  • Hey!

    Not alot of difference - depends on the look you want and i spose your hair - combs dont stay in my hair too well as my hair is so fine! With the tiara you obviously have a thin band going all the way around - which with the comb you dont!

    I dont know what the tiara is like youve seen - but check out if you havent already - theyve got some beautiful tiaras and combs - for really excellent prices xx
  • I do have fine hair so i guess a comb may not stay in place very well ,,,i never thought of that! I have looked on glitsysecrets they do have some lovely ones although they all seem to have two bands going across rather than one which i'd prefer i think so the band didnt show as much.The one i love which is way out of budget has like a flower made of pearls on the side.
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    Joanna22,I have the same issue with my hair as it is very fine too. I am having a soft updo, but wanted something to decorate the right side of my head. I have seen a tiara I really like from the US, if you type princess bridal tiaras on google:

    here is a picture:

    My other option is to go for a comb that will have to be securely attached to my hair on the side.

  • Could you possibly buy the hair comb and a plain headband (search tiara band on ebay, you'll find loads) and tie the comb onto the band in the right place with some jewellery wire? If you align it with the prongs of the comb under the band pointing to the back of your head, you should be able to arrange it in your hair with the prongs hidden, and the band will keep it in place.
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    john lewis sell plain headbands xx
  • I've seen this website, which does asymetric tiaras like these:

    There are a lot of hair decorations on there which use a kirby grip-perfect for fine hair like yours and mine!There are some pretty tiaras there too.
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