change of tiara for night time? tiara to side hairband help

I've bought a lovely tiara that goes lovely with my dress and veil, however im slowly falling in love with side hairbands, i've heard a few people who are changing there hair at nightime but i would worry that i would mess my hair up taking a tiara off and putting a side hairband in? any thots on this, how are you getting round that?



  • camillarose1camillarose1 Posts: 6,254
    Y cant u keep the same one in?

    Personally I dont see the point in changing anything at all but thats just me.

  • Hi Hon, I'm doing exactly that! Cause I think the tiara looks lovely with a veil but wanted something a bit different in the evening.

    I've got a hairdresser curling my hair etc in the morning and my sister is helping me put my hair up between the meal and the reception.

    Luckily I am staying at the venue so we'll just pop to my room and change my hair quickly.

    If you haven't got anyone to help change your hair i've seen some lovely hairstyles that look good with both tiaras and side headbands

  • Hiya, I'm changing froma tiara in the day to a side headband, mostly because I've always wanted a tiara for the ceremony but I think a side headband will be more comfortable for the evening, especially with dancing.

    I'm having quite a loose, wavy hairstyle so I think a side headband will look nice too image

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