Glitzy Secrets 'Extravagant Side Beauty tiara'?


I'm thinking of having this side tiara (or something similar), but was just wondering if anyone else has it and got any pics wearing it?

Its so hard to picture it without seeing it on!!

Thanks in advance!




  • Hi Rach,

    Are you still thinking of buying this? I've got a one, new with tags on, that I'm selling. Its gorgeous, much sparklier than the picture, but I've changed my mind and want something with pearls on. I bought it with 25% off, so would sell it for £37 if your interested?

    Will take some pictures of it if you wanted?

    Laura x
  • Can i see photos with it on as im also looking into buying this too x
  • Will attempt to take some now, not got a clue how to upload them though, so bear with me!
  • MrsBalan2bMrsBalan2b Posts: 3,174
    I have this one too, it is gorgeous, even nicer in real life, I get married in 25 days so can post a pic after that if that's any good?
  • Here are some pictures (not sure how to upload so I've given the link), they're not great cos I've had to take them myself! It is really lovely, now I've tried it on again I might be having second thoughts?!
  • mum2be2011mum2be2011 Posts: 1,172
    Its gorgeous isn't it and so sparkly the photos never do the sparklyness justice! x
  • Hi Laura

    Sorry for the delay in replying - not been on here for a few days!

    The photos are gorgeous and I am definitely interested. I have seen one with pearls on that I want to compare it with but i'll get back to you asap if thats ok.

    Have you already found the one you're wanting?



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  • oooooo i likes that very much x

    im going to look at headbands n sat but if i cant find one im deffo buying this one. i looks lovely in dark hair too. thanks laura
  • Well if you decide to buy it send me an email first because I bought it with a 25% discount, and if I do decide to sell it will be about £37!

    Laura x
  • oh brill ta laura xx

    stacey x
  • Laura

    Do you stillhave this for sale? if not i will be buying it this weekend


    Stacey x
  • Yep still have it if you want it!
  • yes please!!!!!!!!!! how do u want me to pay for it?
  • Erm, not sure? Can we do it through paypal? If not I will send you my bank details. My email is [email protected] if you want to send me your address. Is £37 ok for you?
  • yeah i got pay pal dunno how i go about doing it though lolxx yep thats ok for me xx
  • CazzaCazza Posts: 1

    Hello, this is two years later but does anyone still have extravagant beauty side tiara up for sale and is wishing to sell it to me? I don't mind second hand.


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