any one else lose lashes with semi permanent lashes?

I am panicking. I had semi permanent lashes applied a few months ago then had the infills. I have now removed my false lashes to give my natural lashes a rest. This was the very first time I tried these lashes and it'll be the last time too. My natural lashes were fairly long to start with and now I'm left with very short lashes. Has anyone else experienced this ? And will my lashes ever grow back to the length they were ? My wedding is end of may. I wish i never got the lashes in the first place !


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    I was considering doing this until my sister told me 2 girls at her bank had it done and it left their lashes in a terrible state! As you say, they was all short and very sparse, It's falsies for me now!

    I'm sure yours will grow back in time, i've heard putting a bit of vaseline on them thickens them up x
  • Girls,

    Your lashes grow back very very quickly, and to give them a boost, rub vaseline along the lash line.

    I had mine done over christmas, as a trial for the wedding, and when i took them out i actually cried because my eyes looked so baldy! But literally within a week i started to look and feel back to normal, don't worry!

    I'm still deciding whether or not to have them for my wedding and honeymoon.
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    I was considering these, but after reading this I will stick with the falsies.
  • Mrs Woodtobe....thank you!!!! You have given me hope!

    I thought it was just me who had this problem.

    Did your lashes grow back to their original length? Mine are still short and thin. I used to have long lashes, but after the falsies came off my lashes are a mess. I have been applying vaseline as of yesterday.

  • I used to get lash extensions every two weeks (kind of got addicted to it, realised I had to stop otherwise I'd never see the differece on the big day)

    When I originally had them taken off I was dissipointed to see that my real lashes had broken off but they grew back very quickly and im happy with them now (after 3 weeks) I have been using lash serum from Lancom. Its quite expensive, but definately works!

    I will certainly be gettinf them done for my wedding day. I would recomend for any brides to trial them out at least 2 months before the wedding, then get them done as close to the day as possible (as a few of mine started falling out after the frist week)

    Good luck xxx
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    I  have not  get proper growing of eyelash.I start using dermalmd eyelash serum it grows well.

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    Mine were very straight after removal, they definitely didn't break off but were just straight and felt a little brittle.

    Castor oil is amazing for lashes and use a mascara enriched with Argan oil. I think Rimmel does a good one. 

    They will get there and you will get used to the look for your face without them.

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    I have eyelash extensions, you aren’t meant to pull them out yourself as they are attached to your own lashes you can pull them out too. Your natural eyelashes will probably shed quicker, but they grow back quickly too! I’ve had a few times where i’ve ‘grown my own back’ after letting all my extensions come out and they were short and stumpy for a few weeks but then grew back to the length they’ve always been. I love extensions and keep them on almost permanently, getting 2-3week topups. But it can be a surprise if you pull them out yourself without realising, easy to do sometimes as they get a bit scratchy when they’re ready to fall out. But most beauticians will remove any loose lashes when they do your topup, without removing your own lashes x

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