Recommendations for gel nails in paisley/Renfrewshire?


I want to get some gel nails for my wedding in June but want to get a trail done soon so that I know if I will like them.

My nails aren't bad at all, I normally just do a French polish myself but it only lasts a few days. For the wedding I was hoping it would last till the honeymoon at least!

so im looking for just a gel nail varnish that would go over the top of my own nail.



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    Hi, i'm sorry i dont know anyone in your area, but i use Bio Sculpture gel on my nails (how i learnt a smile line with my left hand i'll never know!) and i cant rate it enough. I use the clear with the white over my nature nails and it lasts 2 weeks before i need to infill, so look for a salon that does gel with Bio Sculpture, it can be buffed off or soaked off and wont damage your nails x
  • check out goddess salon in Paisley. They do gel nails, but not sure if exactly what you're after. the have a website too
  • hi girls, thanks for replying!

    i eventually found someone that is a mobile nail technician and had them done last night, they are really nice!

    she used OPI gel laquer which is similar to Biosculpture (think its just a different brand) and the look great!

    2010bride2be, i normally go to Goddess for my eyebrows etc but i thought there gel prices were a bit high. this lady came to my house last night and it was only 20 which i thought was great!

    PeBe , the lady last night said what you said, it should last at least 2 weeks so im hoping that when i get it done for the wedding it lasts right through to the end of the honeymoon!

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    Tropicoco are a great mobile service in Paisley for spray tanning and gel nails.

    To be honest I was a bit scared to try them for my wedding because when I looked at their Facebook, the designs and colours I saw are really bright and overly glamorous, but the girl ended up doing a nice nude on me with subtle glitter gradient tips & light tan - phew - turned out well!

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