Getting ready on the morning on the wedding

I keep reading about how long it takes to get ready in the morning, which is obvious really as its such a big day and you want to look your absolute best... But realistically how long do you need to get ready? My ceremony is at 1pm and we'll be leaving just after midday to get there. So its up early, shower, wash hair. Hair and make up done, dress on, accessories on. Bridesmaids ready. Oh and have some breakfast - have I missed anything?!! Will i have to be up at some ridiculous hour of the morning or will it just take me a couple of hours? Thanks in advance image


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    I was wondering the same! I can be at the venue by 9am to get everything ready, including myself. I don't know how long, realistically, it takes to have your hair and make up done. I'm scared everything won't be done in time!!
  • Hi Girls,

    My wedding was at 2pm any my hair and make up arrived at 8am. I thought that was ridiculously early - but not so! They did have to me, my bridesmaid and both mums and then a quick hair for 4x flower girls. But you really do need a long time. There was a bit of waiting about for each of us in between but allowed us to have some breakfast/lunch, drink champagne and really enjoy the morning build up and preparations.

    I had my brother coming back and forth helping me with little things I needed doing, bringing me the flowers when they arrived ect which was a massive help (have someone available for you - it really does help).

    I had a brilliant morning, really relaxed and fun because we had a lot of time to get ready.

    Your hair and make up people should be able to advise you how long you will need.

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    My hair person has said not to wash my hair the morning of the wedding as having an up do and she said it is a lot more difficult to style the hair when super clean
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    Im getting married at 11 am, My hair style takes approx 1 and a half hours and then my make up which will take apprx 40 mins. I have 1 brides maid who isnt having anythin as dramatic as myslef. Oh and im also having some tatoos covered up!! my hair stylist is coming at 7.30 and make up at 8. Are you having pics taken whilst you get ready?? if so allow time for these aswell!!image
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    I was also told my hairdresser would kill me if I washed it the day of the wedding !! -

    I got married at 11am - I was up at 6am - make up lady arrived at 6.30 !! had just enough time !! it's amazing where the time goes !
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    Cor, I'm getting a little worried now! We're getting married at 12 but because i'm not staying at the venue and we've hired an old style car so am leaving mine before 11.00!

    Me, my 3 bridesmaids and mum are having hair done (although its all going to be 20-40 mins tops) and "trying" to do our own make-up!

    Hoping I'm too excited to sleep and get up at 5!
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    Now im worried horsey sarah!! If you got married at 11 am as well and make up lady came at 6.30!! I only have 1 bm though??

    should i get her ealier??
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    I managed to get ready in just under an hour, we got married abroad and I had to do my 3 bridesmaids hair and the 2 mums hair and make-up, I spent longer on them than I did me, my bridesmaid did my hair in 30 minutes christ knows how she did it and it looked amazing even had a clip in piece and I took 20 minutes to do my make-up including false eyelashes, maybe I should have spent a little longer on myself but at least my hair and make-up was fresh as we literally just finished and my car arrived! Bit of a rush but it can be done! x
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    Awww thanks for all the replies ladies! Glad I'm not the only one wondering about it all. I have a few months to go yet but just can't stop myself from thinking about it all (when i say thinking i actually mean worrying...!)image

  • I am worried too now!! I can get into the bridal suite at venue at 12pm and the wedding is at 3.30pm. I thought I would have heaps of time to get ready but now I don't know. I have got myself and 3 bridesmaids to get hair done, just me and older bridesmaid make up. I really want it to be fun, relaxed and enjoyable not a mad panic. I think i might ask if I can get in there a bit ealier now image
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    I had 2 bridemaids that were having make up done - mine took 1hr - you have to allow time for the make up artist and hairdresser to set up and get everything out ready.

    My hair took 45mins - you have to allow for things like the photographer arriving, flowers arriving, helping bridesmaids, ensuring you have everything you need, replying to texts !! x
  • Same times as me too! But after my hair trial I am now worried 3 hrs isn't enough for everything.
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    i am also worried about this, we get married at 11am so hairdresser is coming at about 7am and as only me and my mom are having make-up done she is coming at half 8. I no its gna be mad and mayb should have thought about that b4 booking a 11am wedding but still i'm sure it'll go fine!! EEEKKKK
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    Ladies if were not ready than he shall have to wait!! Whst has happened to being fashionably late!!! x image
  • hey moonpig43,

    I am having a tattoo removed at the minute by laser removal but am not sure it will be totally gone by the wedding day. can i ask what you will be using to cover your tattoo on the day as everything ive tried hasn't worked x

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    Oooh loads of good advice on here! Thanks Horsey Sarah thats one thing I was thinking of actually, silly things like replying to texts and things like that, and visitors (i'm staying in the suite the night before and night of wedding and a lot of people are staying the night before so may get a few visitors beforehand).

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    WOWSERS! I'm glad I'm getting married at 4pm now!! x
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    I get married @ 3.30 in just under 4weeks! There are 3 BMs, 2 flowergirls, my mum & myself to get ready & my hairdresser is arriving @ 8.30! Which I know seems as though we will have loads of time but Im sure there will be a last minute panic! My nerves/excitemnt are starting to kick in now & have had a couple of nightmares where the car arrives & either BMs are not dressed or I have no jewellry or shoes on!!

    Im sure everything will go great for all of us image
  • I am planning at getting everyone at mine around 7ish. I have 5 bridesmaid, four who's hair are being curled. Everyones make up to be done, including mother of the bride and H2B sister who is the hairdresser. Then my hair is being set in curlers and then put in to an updo and god knows how long that will take.

    I want to have plenty of time to get ready relaxed... wedding is at 1pm image
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    Our ceremony is at 3:30pm and I am staying on-site the night before. My hairdresser and make-up artist are arriving at 10am for me, two BMs and my mum.

    They've estimated four hours, which will then give us an hour to get dressed. My dress is lace up so I'm allowing lots of time to get into and get it all adjusted right without being in a panic.

    And no being fashionably late these days - the register has another ceremony after ours so can't wait!
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    moonpig34 - loving your logic!!!!! keep him waiting girls. perfection is worth the wait!! x
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    Hey, my makeup artist gave me timings that she said have always worked perfectly for her! She said to work backwards from the ceremony time:

    1.00 ceremony

    12.30 (approx) Leave house

    12.00 Photo's / Contingency time

    11.30 Put dress on

    10.30 Makeup

    Hair before makeup (so between about 9.30am I guess)

    Shell xxx
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    Thats really handy Shell thanks for that. My ceremony is at 1pm so I guess those are the timings I'll have, depending on Bridesmaids and whether they're having their hair done at same time xx
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    I need some help with covering a tattoo - trid Estee Lauder product that said it was non transferable and when I rubbed it it came off on my top. So glad it wasn't my wedding dress!
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    Im getting married at 2.45 and we are leaving the house at 2.00. Make up and hair lady is coming at 9am to do my hair and make up, my daughters hair and make up, CBMs hair and flowergirls hair, she also said DO NOT wash your hair on the day, do it the night B4, only condition the ends and dont straighten it at all. She is coming the night B4 at 6.30pm to do nails and pedicures etc.

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