Help - to fake tan or not to fake tan (worried about dress!)

I get married on Saturday and I've been umming and ahhing about whether or not to fake tan... I've used the St Tropez everyday before and love the colour it gives me I'm just so, so paranoid about it rubbing off on my dress!

I've been exfoliating religiously with my St Tropez body polisher and I've just got a new Decleor body scrub and some exfoliating gloves - do you think I would be okay?

I'd hate to take off my dress and find random patches of fake tan lurking image


  • cebpickle1cebpickle1 Posts: 6,786
    If you have used it before you will know how much it comes off on your clothes. No-one will know if comes off on your clothes and I am sure it would clean off. Could you do it Thursday to be on the safe side?
  • soozie1978soozie1978 Posts: 620
    ive used both st tropez and fake bake. no matter how much you scrub, some WILL come off on the inside of your dress.

    Whenever i wear a strapless top, it always rubs of under the arm pits. After a few wears, i have to throw it out because i cant get the stains out. Looks like a dirty sweat patch!

    Just make sure that when you get it home, you get it professionally dry cleaned. it will come out no problem because you'll only wear it once!
  • Debbie_85Debbie_85 Posts: 571
    I wouldn't risk it, the tan will stain, espec under arm pits as someone already mentioned. I know its a cardinal sin but have you considered a sun bed? It will give you a nice wee glow and won't rub off.

  • Mrs-L-2bMrs-L-2b Posts: 1,702
    I think it will be fine. Maybe do your last application on Thursday, then you have 2 days for any excess tan to rub off. Its only going to come off on the inside of the dress? I dont see the problem really, its not like you will be wearing your dress again?!

    Good luck for Saturday and have a wicked day!!

  • Care-BearCare-Bear Posts: 465

    St tropez is ok. I however prefer fake bake its great stuff and doesnt streak. However as your wedding day is close I wouldnt suggest using a make you havent tried before - just incase you dont like it or have an allergy etc.

    The st tropez spray tans or the lotion that you put on and wash off thenext day to reveal the tan won't stain your clothes aless you sweat. Obvious areas are armpits etc. Get a really good deodorant boots do one called michigan or something along those lines (its extra strong comes in a green bottle).

    I'm wearing fake tan on my day but I use it all the time so know who it behaves on me. Super strong deodorant and i'm fine.

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