waterproof mascara/eyelash tinting?-advice please!, i dont know much about makeup!


Im not going to wear much makeup on my wedding day (i never ever wear any, other than a bit of mascara if going out for dinner - have never worn foundation in my life) and my bridesmaid is going to do it for me.

We went to a Clarins counter to see what they said and I got some "complexion perfector" (sounds like a transformer to me). and she has played with my eyes and eyeshadow and we are both happy with that.


I was thinking about mascara, and I think I am likely to cry, so i was wondering whether anyone had any opinions on whether waterproof mascara was any good or whether getting my eyelashes tinted would be a more "weather-proof" option?!

Hmm, sorry this is a bit waffly!

Thanks for your help in advance girls!

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    Have you thought about getting some eyelash extensions? You can get them looking quite natural (so you wont look like scary Katie Price lol!) You wont need to bother with mascara then so it doesnt matter if you cry!!
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    i've used all 3 options in the past so here's my 2p worth!

    Waterproof mascara: i haven't found one that is truly waterproof yet! Some of the other ladies may have some suggestions on that one though.

    Tinting: it kinda depends on the colour of your lashes, if you already have very dark lashes then you may not notice the difference. I have brown lashes and got them tinted when i had my eyes lasered as you can't wear mascara for 2 weeks and i thought it was great! It was like wearing a normal day mascara for me.

    Eyelash extensions: also thought these were fantastic! A little more dramatic in effect than tinting, but as Mrs Lobley 2B quite rightly says you can go as mad or not as you like with them! They also lasted aaaaaaaages!

    Sorry for the waffle, hope i helped!

  • If you like clarins they do a waterproofer that goes over your normal mascara

    i am getting waterproof mascara from clinique i swear i've never worn mascara like it - it looked perfect the next day (i know you are supposed to remove it at night!!!)

    i'm also going to have lash extensions.
  • I will be wearing mascara by Art Deco. Apparently it is completely waterproof and yer it does come off easily without rubbing and bizzarrely with only water. Apparently, the reson for this is that the mascara slides off your lashes in perfect tubes, it doesn't come off like most do. I had my trial and I loved it. When I wiped my eyes ant the end of the night they didn't smudge and it was just as she said, perfect tubes with no rubbing. xx Art Deco- I'm investing in a lot of their stuff now

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    Thanks for all the replies!

    which eyelash extensions have people used? how easy are they to apply?

    also, where do you get the art deco stuff from?

    thanks girls!
  • tinting is fab! Do it a couple of days before - no more than that for max effect. I wouldn't bother with extentions - people say they fall out quickly. I'm going to tint mine and then put see through mascara on because I know Im gonna blubb for England! image
  • oh, I also recommend eyebrow threading - hurts a bit but it give PERFECT brows! I was really impressed. It was perfect for one week after - so again, I'm going to do mine a couple of days before.
  • You can get eye lash extensions from a local salon, i think they cost around 60 quid. But they are meant to last for weeks, im getting them done for my day because i have stubby lashes.

    I find waterproof mascara stings my eyes real bad if it gets in them and eye lash tinting makes no difference as i am already dark. x
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    I havent actually had any extensions yet but will definitely be having them for my big day. As someone else said you can get them for about £60 but you can also get some occasional lashes which dont last as long for about half that price.

    I had my eyebrows threaded yesterday!! It hurts but really good. I also had my upper lip done - ouch. I usually have it waxed but thought would try it with threading.

  • hey girlies, hope i can help as this is my profession lol

    mascara: i have yet to find a truly waterproof mascara but the clinique one come highly recommended.

    Lash extensions, i do these on a very reguular basis at work, and what i suggest is, have a full set put on before to see if you can get on with htme. some people love them and have been coming to me for 2 years now, other people cant hack them as they say they feel funny, so each to their own. what we do (at my salon) is we put on a full set, and within a week we get you to come back to replace any that have fallen out naturally as when we stick the first lot on, we dont know at what stage your natural eyelashes are at, so some may be ready to fall out, so we replace them for free. They usually then come back every 3 weeks for an infill when other lashes are ready to fall out. You can have them done as naturally, or as noticable as you want, they come in different thicknesses and lenghts and colours. We also tint the lashes first to give you the full effect as the tint will get the bottom lashes. I have had these and higly recommend them.

    Tinting : i am a fan of tinting, as long as it will make a difference, there is no point tinting black eyelashes black at the only difference will te the last few mm where they are colourless. If you have lighter lashes and use a darker mascara i would recommend it, and if they are longer u can also have them permed so they have a nice bend in them, then u can wear a clear mascara, have them tinted and curled and not have to worry about getting panda eyes.

    Hope ive not waffled too much. Let us know what u go for

    Amanda xx
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    WHAT ON EARTH does having "your lip threaded" involve? My mind is boggling. Can't even really imagine what it means with eyebrows. but LIP?? ow. (i think?)

    Thanks for all your thoughts.

    Think I might try out one of the "setting mascaras". Anyone tried them?

    Wasn't really planning on spending that much on it all tbh (never wear makeup and want to still look like "me")
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    try max factor false lash effect waterproof mascara-its the best one ive found-even my strong eye make up remover struggles to remove it-it costs just under a tenner from superdrug/boots. makes your lashes look long but still natural as its doesnt clump
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    I had my eyelashes tinted last year and I am now a convert, also have my brows tinted too. I find that the tint lasts for 4 weeks so will do honeymoon as well as the wedding day then will get a clear mascara too.

    In regards to clear mascara have worn body shop one, where else does it?
  • bomberukbomberuk Posts: 112

    Well i think i am going to have to try the lash tinting, i was unsure of what to do myself so thanks for all your tips. I was thinking of a eyebrow tint but what does it entail? i have blonde highlights but my eyebrows are not blonde so i don't know about tinting

    thanks xxx
  • Hi Missy P, eyebrow tinting is the same as eyelash tinting, but we usually (99%) of the time, we will only use a brown just to enhance them as eyebrows really do frame your face. even if it just colours them slightly as the last few mill of your hair has no colour. Good luck image

    Miss.P threading is literally what i says, it originated in india and it is where they twist a length of cotton thread and use it in the way you would tweezers. If you twist it fast enougth then it pulls them out image

    Manda xx
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