Major hair problem :(

Over the past few weeks my hair has become abit elastic like, and so i'm booking in at hair dressers to give it a good trip (or a huge cut...god knows!)

My hair has always been in good condition but had alot of stress family / work / wedding lately and wondering if this could be the cause.

Anyway, now because i'm having to get my hair cut i'm starting to look for back-up hair styles for the day, my hair as it stands at the moment is about mid-bust length (don't know any other way of describing it lol) and was thinking of having loose curls like this:

But now i'm thinking i may need a good few inches cutting off to get it back healthy and i'm not sure shoulder length hair will look right woth loose curls on me i'm so stuck and upset about it.

Can anyone please help me find shoulder length hairstyles, fully down or half up half down. Our wedding is end of June so i have 2 months to find, try and like!!

I have a glitzy secrets butterfly side tiara which i'm adamant to keep and not swap dou to the hair change!

Thank you in advance - Emma xox


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    if you really dont like it after trying out different styles, you could get extensions? you can get them in sallys for £12 a strip, and get your hairdresser to make them the same colour/shape them to your haircut. You could also try a hairpiece if you wear it up? you get hairpieces on clasps in sallys also x

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    Firstly - don't panic or get upset, you will have the hair-do you want!

    Ask your hairdresser's advice before you do anything drastic in terms of getting your hair cut. My hair wasn't in the best condition when I got married but because I was having it curled and half up it didn't matter too much. I did get it cut towards the end of the last year and it looks much better now but I do miss the length a little.

    If you do need to get it cut then you can always get clip-in extensions as Jenda has suggested. I used them on our wedding day (for bulk rather than length) and they were absolutely great. Cost me £30 for 2 sets from Sallys.


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    you could have it very loose curls and pinned up to one side?

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    thanks for your posts and pics girls.

    i'm trying to avoid extensions as they hurt my head and i'd end up ripping them out.

    i did think of tryin to keep my hair long untill the wedding then get it cut afterwards, but im worried incase it gets worse by then, i feel like a walking bush!!

    I live the Eva hair style so far image xox
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    I would see the hairdresser maybe get some deep conditioning treatments and see if you can keep it long til after the wedding. Also make sure you are drinking water and eating properly as this can affect our hair and skin.

  • find a salon that does Biolustre treatment, its amazing! (being a hairdresser i have wrecked my hair with bleaching/straightening/trying different things out! and i have been having this treatment done every 4-6 months for the last 2 years or so, and my hair hardly ever breaks off anymore!)it bonds the cuticles together to make hair healthy and strong again. Also use a good conditioning/smoothing treatment bought from your salon once a week to help keep your hair moisturised to avoid frizz. Also you could try taking seakelp tablets, this should help with healthy hair.

    hope this has helped a bit, sorry if it hasnt x
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    Thanks for your posts girls and your help image

    The hair that is damaged is my top layers, my bottom layer (the longest) is fine, where as the top ones are awful image

    They are like elastic when wet and frizzy when dry, when i straighten it - it helps tame it but they look really dried out afterwards. I have only ever bleached my hair once and it was ages ago, i just use a brown hair colour nothing different.

    I eat alot of fresh fruit, veg, salad, fish etc but lack on water intake.

    I'm going to ring hairdressers on tuesday and see what they say, i'm hoping i can keep the length of the bottom layer, i wont mind so much having my layers choppy short as they will be kept inplace with my glitzy side tiara.

    Keep your fingers crossed for me ladies image xxx
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    Hey hun!

    Don't panic, if you get your hair cut I have tried and tested the answer to your problem : Alpecin C2 Shampoo with Caffeine. Caffeine stimulates the root to prolong the growth phase of your hair and mine grew like wild fire. I was growing my natural colour out and I go to the hairdressers for a trim every 6 weeks on the dot, and by god the length it grew through using that shampoo was incredible. Also try taking a good source of Omega Three a really good cod liver oil tablet, try holland and barrett. This makes your hair soft, silky and in really good condition if you take it every day. Again tried and tested and works and absoloute treat.

    So don't panic, nip to boots and happy shampooing!! image

    Love Leanne x x x
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