hair trial .....with pics

Hello Ladies,

I had my hair trial and im so so pleased with it. Im really fussy about my hair but my stylist worked magic I tell you!!! better yet she only charges £25..... BARGIN!!!!!!


Please excuse all re growth, will be having it colour before the big day with is only 5 week 3 days away.... eeeek!!!


  • Side:

  • front:

    having a sweeping fringe cut though so it will be slightly different.

    Hair with the dress:

  • Mrs-BennettMrs-Bennett Posts: 198
    You look lovely Kingston Bride!

    Are you wearing a veil?

    I'm still undecided on what style to wear my hair, the style you have chosen compliments your dress perfectly! x
  • Thank you so much MrsB-2B.

    Yes I am wearing a veil but will be taking it off in the evening.

    It took so long to decide what I wanted so I took my Laptop with lots of pics of what I liked with me to my hairdresser and she put a little of everything together and we got this!! I love it, so excited now!!! image
  • just wrote a reply to you MrsB-2B but it seems it has been eaten!!!

    I am wearing a veil but will be taking it off in the evening.

    Take lots of pics to the person doing your hair to give them an idea of the king of style you would like. My hairdresser took little bit of this I liked and put them together and it worked out beautifully!!

  • zena555zena555 Posts: 102
    I love love love it!! x
  • Thanks zena555 image

  • I love it! You look gorgeous. Stunning dress too.

    I'm undecided on hair up, or half up half down do. Will get hairdresser to do both in practice. (I dont want a tiara or sparkly clip in my hair - personally prefer it without)

  • Hiya, i love your hair, how has she achieved the curls with tongs? my hair drops when i use them image
  • hello MrsRadcliffe2b,

    My hair also drops with tongs but she curled it with a pair of GHD and mass amount of hair spray and the the next day even after a night out and sleeping in it the curls had dropped but into a nice wave.

  • anyeleyesanyeleyes Posts: 461
    Its lovely. i love the half up look with your dress. Its the sort of thing i am looking for. Sorry to be cheeky and ask, did you put your hair up then use the ghds on it to curl or the other way round. A friend has affered to do mine as she is a hair dresser but she is more used to cutting that to putting hair up!
  • Hello angeleys,

    Dont worry hun, thats not cheeky at all!

    She put it up then curled it.also she back combed quited a bit!

  • drobinson1984drobinson1984 Posts: 1,071
    It looks lovely, you must be thrilled....and for just £25 too, if only there were more stylists out there like her!!

    Loving the dress too, your H2B will be blown away! xx
  • aaah thank you so much startingtostress! thats very kind of you.

    I really cant wait, 37 more days to go and I just wish it was tomorrow!

    She is such a gem and she is so so good, not just with up do's but with colour and styling and I would recommend her to anyone in the Kingston upon Thames area so if anyone would like her contact details email me on [email protected] and I will send them to you!

  • SarahMor84SarahMor84 Posts: 1,493
    Hi Kingston Bride - your hair looks lovely, making me rethink my own hair ideas!

    I am just going to email you now for the stylists details. Unfortunately my own wedding is in the North West but I may need someone to put my hair up for other events.

  • Sarah_84 - sent my darling.

  • cinders25cinders25 Posts: 183

    Your hair looks lovely, do you mind me asking who your dress is by it looks very much like mine from the back so being nosy image x
  • CurlyJoJoCurlyJoJo Posts: 114
    Absolutely gorgeous x
  • shellpellshellpell Posts: 107
    wow your hair looks gorgeous! Looks stunning with your dress too which looks really pretty.

    I've saved the picture to show my hairdresser, hope you don't mind
  • JHyamsJHyams Posts: 1,848
    You look gorgeous!

    Your hair style is quite similar to how I am having mine, but my hairdresser is going to put some sparkly pearls and swarovski crystals in the back.

  • clarebear84clarebear84 Posts: 143
    Wow that looks lovely - did you have extensions or is your hair that long? Been growing mine, but it's just not quite long enough! xx
  • willsgirlwillsgirl Posts: 960
    That looks beautiful xx
  • Thats reaaally pretty KB, wow you look fab - thanks for sharing!

    I'm going for something v similar but not sure yet how or exactly where to fix my veil - what style of veil are you having?
  • hi ladies!

    Thanks so much for all the lovely comments!! I had my make up trial yesterday as well and I'm just getting so so excited now.... 32 days to go!!!

    cinders25 - my dress is by alfred angelo, cant remember the code but the pic on the web site really doesnt do it justice at all!

    shellpell - of course I dont mind hun, that why we all put our pics up.

    clarebear84 - Its all my own hair, have been growing it for what seems like forever ha ha ha, will be cutting it off after the wedding though.

    mostlysunny - Im having a elbow length veil which im going to be taking off in the evening..... here is a pic...

    Its the only one I have - hope it helps.

  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
  • mrsbober2bmrsbober2b Posts: 383
    that is stunning if i had enough hair (or money for extentions) i would have that style its stunning
  • Aaaahhhhh thanks ladies.

  • xkatyannxxkatyannx Posts: 107
    wow thats gorgeous!!
  • clareymukclareymuk Posts: 93
    Lovely!! Ha ha I can see my dress hanging up in the background!!x
  • aqbsolutely beautiful, you will look stunning in a few weeks time!x
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