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I'm having my two nieces as my flowers girls (will be aged 8 and 5), was wondering if any one was having similar aged flower girls and what you are planning to do with their hair.

My nieces want to have curly hair, but my parents want them to have their hair straight like it normally is.....I'm not really bothered but want to keep both nieces and parents happy! Although I do think that when they curl their hair it does look a bit odd, but thats probably cos I'm used to seeing them with their natural hair

ideas welcome! thanks,image


  • c2514c2514 Posts: 9
    my daughter will be 6 she aving it curled in rolers and the top half tied up with stranded of hair looped thro 1 another with little spiral crystal jewls throught it...x
  • mum2onemum2one Posts: 737
    My niece is having her hair curled and just wearing it down with a tiara image
  • stephie3ukstephie3uk Posts: 288
    my little flower girl has beautifull long blonde hair, so she is having it in loose curls and we have got her a beautifull rose headband. image

  • andi30xxandi30xx Posts: 656
    I have 2 nieces 3&7 years the have really curly hair. it can go very fly-away and frizzy at the front but beautiful ringlets all over. Im either going to have the front bit twisted or plaited down one side to stop the frizz but have it down to one side with a couple of large silk flowers in their hair. because their hair is 'big' small tiaras/headbands etc just arent noticable
  • I have bought rose alice bands for my girls and I will leave how they wear their hair up to them to choose image
  • mrs2be2010mrs2be2010 Posts: 235
    My flowergirls are 8 and 6 - they will be having loose side buns with a few curls down at the front
  • My nieces have naturally curly hair and we just left it down. We had beautiful crystal flower headbands made for them which they loved and which looked fantastic on the photos - you can see them in the gallery at http://www.butterfly-tiaras.com/
  • MrsBiggs2bMrsBiggs2b Posts: 1,047
    My stepdaughters will be my bridesmaids & are 5 & 7. They want their hair curly so thats what they are having. I think I'm going to go for a french plait around their hairline just to keep it swept off their faces so it stays tidy & they aren't too hot.

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