Liz Earle or Clinique skin care?


I've decided to invest in some new skin care products but can't decide whether to go for Clinique or Liz Earle.

Have you used either? Any recommendations?

Thanks x


  • bumblebee870bumblebee870 Posts: 821
    I decided to revamp my skincare routine at the end of last year so got Clinique 3 step for Christmas. I liked the moisturiser, but it ran out quickly, and I was left with the facial soap, which I found to be just like using traditional soap (face felt tight and dry afterwards) even though it's meant to be soap free, and the toner, which smelled like nail polish remover - seemed much too harsh, even for my oily t-zone, like it was stripping everything away, but not in a good way.

    I've now switched to Liz Earle, and although I've only been using it for 2-3 weeks so can't comment long term on improvements, just the actual feel and smell and ingredients of the products are enough to make you KNOW it's good for your skin and totally natural. My skin has been good except one break out last week but I think that was stress (or possibly dirty pillows as I was staying somewhere else that wasn't the cleanest!) but I normally give it a few months before making my mind up on skincare. Only just over 5 weeks to my wedding though so let's hope it works miracles! image
  • LeanneJamesLeanneJames Posts: 206
    I cant comment on Liz Earle but I didnt get on with clinique very well either, I now use body shop vitamin E and my skin loves it!!
  • This won't be very popular, but I am a real fan of Clinique. I know that everyone says that it's very harsh on the skin (even my beautician!!) but it is the ONLY thing that works for me and stops me breaking out.

    YES...I still gets spots even at the age of 35!!I will be the only one in the care home with acne!!!!!! image
  • JessersukJessersuk Posts: 560
    Thanks ladies - this has all been really helpful. I think I was swaying towards Liz Earle anyway but I've definitely made my mind up now - I'm off to buy some lovely new products. image

  • tinybirduktinybirduk Posts: 372
    I found Clinique hit and miss ie some things fab, some broke my skin out. I haven't tried Liz Earle. I would recommend you have a nosey at the Clarins counter too-my skin was not in great shape as I never really looked after it properly but I recently bought some Clarins stuff and it has been awesome. Everyone's skin differs of course but may be worth trying out image
  • TheNewMrsFTheNewMrsF Posts: 628
    Liz Earle gets my vote, when i first started to use it, it brought me out in spots but then after a week my skin was so clean and fresh looking! I can't recommend it highly enough! xxxx
  • Liz Earle for me to! They have an official seconds shop on ebay which sells the products in faulty packaging a bit cheaper(i cant even tell what the fault is usually) worth a try for sure, Good Luck! xx
  • veryhappymrsveryhappymrs Posts: 1,374
    I really like liz earle products, but i have been trialling clinique 3 step over the last week and my skin is better than ever. I am prone to oily skin and breakouts and sounds like clinique products are better for my skin type, but I am going to keep going for a few more weeks, just in case the sunshine or time of month changes my skin before I commit. You can buy mini samples from liz earle that last ages and if you go to a clinique counter they will give you them free so maybe get some samples of both and trial them before ocmmitting.

    I do recommend the liz earle deep cleansing face mask though- it is amazing! x
  • seasidebrideseasidebride Posts: 257
    I used to be a devout fan of Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish, until I heard on here that Boots No. 7 do a very similiar product with twice the amount for half the price. I tried it and it's just as good as Liz Earle so have swapped to that now. It doesn't smell as nice as LE but for the money I'm saving I can cope with that. I still use my LE cloths with it though as the Boots one that comes with it is quite abrasive.
  • Hi

    I've used both ranges, and found Liz Earle to be far superior to the clinique range. Clinique made my skin very dry (it's usually a little oily). Liz Earles just great and smells fab too
  • JessersukJessersuk Posts: 560
    I've taken the plunge and ordered the Liz Earle products!! image

    Thanks for all the advice on it - really excited about it arriving now. Can't wait to start using it now and having the perfect wedding skin!!

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