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Any other sufferers out there? I reluctantly went back on the Dianete pill in January this year to clear up the problem which has mainly worked, however im now left with red blotchy type scars.

Im cleansing, toning and moisturising it twice a day with Liz Earle stuff but with only 4 weeks to go its still not right. My dress is strapless and ive gone for a side-do with no veil (in hindsight a bit silly)Any suggestions? please!! xx


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    I was prescribed Zineryt by my GP last week for the same problem, I have suffered with this for 2 years since my son was born. I am glad to say that it seems to be clearing up brilliantly I had tried everything and was at the end of my tether with it. For the scarring you could also try mama mio see no scar which is meant to be fantastic. HTH
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    I am exactly the same - been suffering with back acne all my life, seems to be worse on my left shoulder but I have scarring all over. My dress is low at the back and with one strap and I too am putting my hair to the side with a veil. However, I was told that you can get your make up artist to put make up on to cover it and the photographer has told me if there are any noticeable marks on my back she can edit them out so I'm trying not to worry too much.

    I use doublebase cream and it is a good moisturiser and it wards against infection. I'm diabetic and the minute I even scratch myself it goes green and infected (not pretty!) so it does help a little.

    Really feel for you but hopefully it will be alright on the day!

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    I'm also in exactly same situation - strapless dress, side do and no veil - and have lots of acne scars on my back! Urgh! The spots have gone but I've still got reddy-brown scars. I've been using everything under the sun to improve things and it has got a lot better - just not quite sure what's worked best. I've been exfoliating and using a Palmers Cocoa Butter Skin Smoothing Lotion, plus bio-oil and even lots of savlon! I've also used a facial peel thing on my back. Think the sun's helped too.

    Just to make sure absolutely every base is covered, I've also ordered body camouflage make-up called Veil which is designed to hide scars and tattoos and stuff. I haven't received it yet but can update you when I've tried it out. You can get a similar product in Argos (Rio) but it doesn't get great reviews. Also Dermablend by Vichy is meant to be good, but quite tricky to get hold of, I think.

    Lol, You can tell I've done my research! I'm desperate... only 2 weeks till the big day!

    Best of luck


  • Hey thanks so much for all the tips ladies, thought I was the only one with the problem!

    Im going to do some serious research into all your suggestions and see what i can pick up from the chemist tonight.

    I just dont want people looking at my back thinking "urgh whats that" when we are saying our vows....But knowing my luck my back will be lovely and glowing by then and i'll have a breakout of Facial Acne image
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    Try being careful of products with chemicals!! these just arent useful. I suffer badly with my back & from Dianette was left with scarring.

    try only exfoliate once a week with a good sisal brush & place a mask over your back:

    i recomend Ren Glycolactic skin peel, Suki Clay masque to take down redness & green people Oy wash. [email protected] will help
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    A lot of ladies with acne on their back is actually caused/agrivated because they have long hair and use a conditioner that coated their backs and made the acne worse. If you have long hair when you condition your hair put it straight up and do not let it touch your back.
  • clairevwmclairevwm Posts: 38
    very very good point!!

    try using green people rosemary shampoo!!!!
  • I had embarrassing acne scars on my shoulders and dermalmd scar serum helped reduce their appearance significantly. I don't even apply it as regularly as I should. I am confident that the scars will eventually be gone. I love all the dermalmd products I have tried and this one does not disappoint!

  • Hi! I'm a makeup artist and I've had to help brides cover this - and it can be done easily, promise! I use the Dermacolor concealer ( as its so pigmented and then set it with powder and their fixing spray. Should work a treat! Hope you have an amazing wedding xx

  • A friend of mine had the same problem. She bought herself a dermaroller (scary looking roller device with tiny needles on) and it worked amazing on her acne scarring. Just get someone to roll it over the problem areas a couple of times a week and you'll see an improvement. Make sure to clean it with alcohol spray after each use. 

  • hey ladies! 

    Go into your nearest marks and spencers beauty section and buy yourself some PIXI glow peel pads, they are a game changer! They contain something called glycolic acid (which isn’t as scary as it sounds). It helps get rid of dead skin cells and helps the skin to regenerate itself. It does tingle a little, but it’s a good tingle! They come like those pre soaked nail polish remover pads, I take two and swipe them over my face, I’m sure you can do the same on your back your hubby will have to help. I leave the solution on all night, even though the box says 30 mins and I wash it off in the AM. I use these once a week with no other skincare I just let the glycolic acid into my skin. The only thing I’d recommend to use with it is a tiny bit of sunscreen whilst you are using it. 

    Id also recommend Mario Badescu skincare, they sell this in urban outfitters (not sure why, it’s a clothing shop haha) or online, my favourite website is beauty bay. I have the acne facial cleanser and the glycolic acid gel. 

    id also highly recommend his AHA Botanical body soap. It has amazing reviews! He also has a blog on all of his skincare so I’d recommend reading it. His line of skincare has helped my acne prone skin which was brought on by the Cerelle mini pill! 

    Thanks ladies xxx 

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