side hairstyle with veil?

I have always loved the side styles, only got put off as my hair not very long but now after having my 1st hair trial I am starting to have doubts about my choice of hair, its lovely at the back but face on I just look boring like my hair is just up!! So got another trial next month and going to try my original fave the side style but only thing is I have a veil, will it look right? Side style and veil together or will I look lopsided? Hoping my veil will arrive before trial so I can try the 2 together but was hoping someone has had or is having side style??

Donna x


  • zena555zena555 Posts: 102
    Hi I'm having my hair in a side do which I love. I didn't really like it with a veil as I did feel lop sided, so I've decided not too have one. But to be honest I was never really that keen on veils so that kinda made the decision for me. x
  • beanie75beanie75 Posts: 38
    I ladies, I am also have a side do, but can't decide on hair accessories, it looks lovely with a real flower (white rose), but the flower drops after about 10 minutes and dies in my hair (not so lovely!). The fake flowers just dont look right, and the veil doesn't look right either? What other alternatives do I have?

    You should check out the headpieces on glitzy secrets - they are fab!

  • MrsL10MrsL10 Posts: 401
    Thanks ladies but I really want a veil just cant find hairstyle I like image
  • I am having a side hair do (not that I found a pic of how I want it yet!!) but I am going to have a bird cage veil, have you thought about that? I am making my own but there are plenty of websites where you can get them xxx
  • Hi

    I don't think a veil would look great on a side updo, a birdcage veil however could look quite nice.

    Beanie75 - have you tried a comb?

    I'm planning on a pretty updo with a comb on one side and then veil underneath the updo... If that makes sense?!
  • Lisar1980Lisar1980 Posts: 382
    Hmm, this has got me thinking now as I really want a veil and a side do!

    I think the only way you are going to know is at your hair trial. Take your veil if you already have it or perhaps the shop where you bought your dress may lend you one just to try - or a friend may have one?

    Oh and if you are looking for hair styles I discovered Project wedding yesterday - i think thats what it called - and they have tons of styles xx
  • MrsL10MrsL10 Posts: 401
    Thanks Lisar1980

    I think I will stick to my original style!! Perfect that one maybe, just want something around the front, ill speak to hairdresser see what she suggests, my veil is running late but they said I should get by my trial next month!

    Piroutte I have already ordered my veil image

    Thanks ladies!

    Donna x
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