Is anyone else doing their own make up?

I want to do my own make up as I don't wear a lot of it and I'd rather spend the money on the make up than paying someone to do it.

If anyone else is doing their own make up, what brand are you using? Also any advice on choosing a foundation colour, I'm not having a fake tan (very bad experience with a spray tan in the past!), I'm just going to rely on the great British weather!


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    I'm going to do my own make up too. If you don't like a lot of make up I would suggest booking a session at Laura Mercier. They specialise in really natural looking make up - their tinted moisturisers are always being touted as the best in wedding magazines. Their cream foundation is also very good if you want slightly more coverage. They take a lot of time to show you exactly how they do things and where to put the eye shadow, blusher etc. At the end of the session they give you a chart with all the colours and products used and actually colour in a picture of an eye using the same products they used on you so you have a chart/ plan to work to.image
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    I would also recommend going to your local debenhams or somewhere like that and tellingthe beauty counter what you want and having a make over done for free. Get them to show you everything as they do it and then buy the products. x
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    I went to Estee Lauder at House of Fraser. The make up lady did bridal makeup so she was brilliant. She did a make over that I liked (and I'm super fussy as I don't wear a lot of make up!).

    I ended up buying the lot!

    She advised I practised a few times so I feel comfortable doing it on day.

    Get shopping! image
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    I am doing my own and my hair, want to look natural and know having someone fussing over me would not relax me! I realise it is a treat for some people but someone else doing me is my idea of a nightmare
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    I agree with Gem, I would go to the beauty section of a dept store, they often give free makeovers, etc, and you can get a feel for what you would like, etc, and obviously the reccommend the products they're selling. I'm going to be doing my own make up on the day (as are the bridesmaids) and using the make up I use normally, which is mainly Benefit products. I am hoping to go away for my birthday which is less than a week before the wedding, so hopefully will get a nice colour, rather than a full on tan.
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    Clinique pore minimiser instant perfector works really well as a primer and hides pores instantly as well as keeping shine at bay.

    It allows me to use my mineral foundation (clinique) so do not have to use liquid foundation as I don't normally wear it and would prefer to have my usual foundation.

    Clinique blusher is really good. No 7 for mascara, lip liner and lipstick. Eyeshadow for natural look from Lily Lolo.

    Clinique airbrush concealer is good and also YSL touche eclat for highlighting and under eye area.
  • i have this same issue, i'm doing it myself but strugling to find the right products. i had an interview at a make up counter once and i kno how they sell stuff also how tempted you can be to but the stuff they put on so fabulously that u cant do urself. anyways i went to a big boots and looked at every make up stand (that i cud without being badgered into buyin something) so after looking online at reviews on the boots website for different brands of foundation i came to the conlusion that l'oreal and revlon were quite good. Yes the premium brands have good reviews also but i dont normally wear foundation and dont fancy spending £30 on somethin i wont use again. So i went with the main intention of tryin revlon and l'oreal. My reviews are that revlon does the photoready one (which i thought woo yeah wicked) did not feel nice on my skin at all felt quite cheap. Also a few others in the range not impressed felt ery synthetic and the colours quite harsh. Dissapointed i went to l'oreal and was very impressed. Their primer small glass pot £12.99 felt wonderful tho from reviews let it sink in a good half hour before foundation. I will be buying that. Then i tried their 'Matte Morphose' which also felt light and fluffy the colour was very nice too. The 'roll on' one was also nice and had application advantages. Theyre concealer sticks were also creamy and light.

    Lips: Glam Shine 6 hour lip gloss - lovely colours will also buy that.

    However i think i might buy my blusher from bourjois as they really shimmer.

    Off to buy it all tomoz all being well taking friends for opinions on foundation colour. When no ones looking dab a bit on use a mirror inside and outside to get an idea of light. You gota do wat u gota do. hope thats some use x x
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    I'm doing my own make-up as I an funny about other people touching the area around my eyes (don't ask!) Myself and my bm are having a professional make-up lesson next week where the make up artist will teach us how to put the make-up on ourselves and the right products to use rather than just doing it for us. I can then practise before the big day!

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    Thank you all so much I've booked two trials one for Number 7 and Clinique. So hopefully I will get it sorted between the 2.

    Getting a bit nervous of doing it all myself, but I know I'll feel happier on the day.
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    Go with Clinique you won't be dissapointed I went to Oxford St Jonh Lewis branch last Sunday and had a free makeover after which I spent almost £300 on their products probably a bit over the top but personnally i think it will be so worth it!I have got a very sensitive eyes and skinand some of the high st brands e.g. rimel irritate my skin so their allergy tested 100% fragrance free promise was a massive advantage for me Good luck!
  • I'm doing my own make up and as I wear glasses all the time have no idea what do with eyeshadows. I booked myself in for a make over at the Body Shop and the assistant there couldn't have been lovelier. She answered all my questions about what colours suited me and how to apply the make up and there was absolutely no pressure to buy anything.

    Foundation wise I swear by Estee Lauder Double Wear Light, it's fantastic and gives a perfect flawless finish.

    A website I really recommend is The mineral infused primer is amazing and only £6 a bottle and it's fab for brushes. If you're playing around with colours then the quad colours are only £1.50 each so you can get loads of product for not a lot of money. If you friend them on facebook then you can see loads of colour swatches that people have put up and they do frequent special offers.

    Youtube has been invaluable, there are lots of good tutorial videos on there which are very handy.
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