Best styling products for naturally curly hair

Hello I have decided to do my own wedding hair. I have naturally wavy/curly hair and I usually use John Frieda frizz ease mousse but I could do with a product that will make my hair even more curlier than normal. Can anyone recommend a good product?



  • andi30xxandi30xx Posts: 656
    my hair dresser just scrunched mine with mousse then tonged a few bits to make curlier and sprayed, alot to hold
  • Try Lush CurlyWurly shampoo- it's excellent at taming frizz and defining curls, and smells amazing! xx
  • I have naturally very curly hair too and I find that Tigi Catwalk Curls Rock Amplifier works really well - if you twist the curls rather that scrunch them then the curls become very defined!

    It's recently had an image revamp and it's now called Tigi Catwalk Curlesque Curls Rock Amplifier - I think! I'm still using the older version so fingers crossed the new one is just as good/better!

  • Oops, the second picture was supposed to be of the new version:

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    Try Moroccan oil, it's so much better than frizz ease, costs £30 per bottle but you use such a small amount that it will last a year!
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    Kerastase oleo curl range- ive tried so many products and although i usually use the boots botanics range for dry hair, ive treated myself to Kerastase to get my hair in better condition for our wedding. I swim a lot and my hair was damaged, and its the only thing that has worked so far. Its expensive but it works. I use the shampoo,conditioner and the creme d'huile (oleo curl) which is great for styling and your hair doesnt go crispy with it.
  • Jessicurl products changed my life - not always easy to get hold of, and expensive, but so fantastic!

    I like Gentle Lather Shampoo, Aloeba Conditioner & Confident Coils.

    You should check out and/or


  • I use Aussie curl defining mouse when its damp, and once its dry curl defining oil which i just use a small amoutn to just tame some of the frizz, for nicey glossy curls image x
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    I have naturally curly hair and used to use Frizease but it would make my hair quite limp. I use Tigi Small Talk on my hair when it's wet and then diffuse it upside down gently on a medium heat. It creates body at the roots (don't put much on, not directly at the roots) and gives a soft, natural curl. I have friends with a tighter curl than mine who find the Tigi Curls Rock works much better so it's worth trying both to see which works better in your hair - they sell Tigi in Supercuts and other hairdressers and I get mine in bulk on eBay now.
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    I've tried loads of stuff and generally find cream based products rather than mousses or gel things work best. I'm currently using shockwaves curl cream and first when my hair is still wet I spray all over with a leave in conditioner, this really helps with the frizz, makes it nice and glossy and smelly. I also always twist my curls into place when its still wet to define them more.

    Would you consider getting a curling tong though? I know it sounds weird but... Not sure what length yours is, mine is mid-back length and I have sections which are straighter than others and parts where the curls can fall out during the day a bit. I was really worried about this for my wedding and was tested in a department store with a corioliss curling wand, I couldn't believe the difference in my hair, the frizz went immediately and it honestly looked like a salon job. It cost me £60 but as I'm doing my own hair it is well worth the investment, I'm in love with it!!

    Good luck curlies image

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    I have natural curls too - Umberto Giannini Curl Friends Scrunching Jelly is fab for my curls, believe it's about £4.69 for a big tube from Boots image

    It produces natural looking, non crunchy curls that last all day! x
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    I am going to try a few of your recommendations. The British Curlies website is quite good, and I have also picked up some tips from Jessicurls.
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