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  • it really is lovely!
  • Debbie_85Debbie_85 Posts: 571
    stop spamming with all your crap for sale!
  • RegencyBrideRegencyBride Posts: 474
    Erm, I'm pretty sure teessideprincess is a real bride, she just posted her tiara for sale in the hair/make-up forum instead of swap and sale!!

    The spambots tend to try and disguise themselves by writing stupid posts that look like they're trying to join in a conversation and then randomly post a link to a wedding dress site.

    The tiara is love hun, but not right for me I'm afraid

  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    ...or rather stop putting vile messages on to people you nasty little cat..... image
  • Debbie_85Debbie_85 Posts: 571
    Don't be so sure! Her other posts contain links to cheap foreign wedding dress makers. Obv touting for business which i am pretty sure you're not supposed to be doing!
  • Really does it matter...if you think thats what shes doing either just report her and shut up or dont read her posts and get over it!!!

    Blimey people drive me nuts when they go onto someones posts and do nothing but b**ch, the way i look at it like I said if you dont like someone or something written come of the post and dont write nasty things spoiling it for the rest of us!

    Sorry to rant just drives me nuts!
  • Er, Debbie85- my other posts have no links to foreign wedding dresses in them! I was just trying to help others!

    Thanks for those who stood up for me!
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