1st try of doing my own hair what do you think

This is my first attemp of doing my own hair, I used spiral tongs this time, for my second attempt I will try the GHD for a looser curl, what do you think so far


  • MrsKW2011MrsKW2011 Posts: 1,592

    I wouldnt bother going for looser curls, that is beautiful ! image

    If i could curl my hair then I would!

  • BamalooBamaloo Posts: 1,048
    WOW Beautiful, well done you, I wish I could do my own hair!!

  • amyyearleyamyyearley Posts: 3,442
    I'd like to see looser curls, I think this could look a bit more grown up and classy if the curls were just a little bit looser

    it is lovely though and you've done a great job! x
  • NowMrsMaggsNowMrsMaggs Posts: 1,823
    Wow, it looks professional!
  • That's gorgeous! Well done. Wish I could do hair. You've saved yourself a fortune there! image
  • MsSmith123MsSmith123 Posts: 82
    That looks lovely, what tongs did you use?

    It's exactly how I want my hair too! Not sure I would have the confidence to do it myself on the day, but you have done a brilliant job! I agree that it looks professional. Wish I could do my own image

    Re the looser curls-- the ringlets will drop during the day and fall out a little depending on how good your hair spray is and how well your hair holds the curls, so don't think you need them looser, plus that looks gorgeous x
  • MsSmith123MsSmith123 Posts: 82
    also do you think you could explain how you did it, like how you got the front high and where you put the pin? Thanks image image image
  • mill2901mill2901 Posts: 41

    thanks for all your comments, I used a BaByliss Curl Press. just sectioned off my hair to curl, then back combed the top to make a bump only needed a couple of clips and hairspray to keep it in place. After a couple of hours the curl dropped abit and the curls looked lovely so I think I will curl it in the morning and let it drop for my 1.30 wedding one week tomorrow, getting nervous now.
  • lush-bridelush-bride Posts: 62
    Hello, Id love to see your pics but there not showing. Could you put them on again?

  • emms33emms33 Posts: 622
    Oh no! I want to see the pics but they're gone!

    Have you tried using flickr? If you're using photobox apparently there is a glitch

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