Make Up Trial - With Pictures!!


  • Beautiful! I hope my make up looks as natural but stunning as yours.
  • Thank you image we were trying to go with the natural look but also be a bit special and stay on all day!!! x
  • mrsmishkatmrsmishkat Posts: 242
    Beautiful xx
  • looks lovely hun, i actually think the lashes look lovely. i have naturally long lashes but had some lash extentions in for my day and it made a huge difference in the photo's!

  • RegencyBrideRegencyBride Posts: 474
    You look gorge hun - it's a really lovely 'natural' look, same sort of thing I'm going for image
  • Bury_BrideBury_Bride Posts: 222
    Really lovely!! I've booked Holly and was really pleased with how my trial went. Is she doing your hair as well - was amazed with what she managed to do with my fine hair!! Thanks for posting the pics, am reassured again that Holly will do a great job image
  • sianilizsianiliz Posts: 89
    OMG! that's fantstic, you look stunning! I hope I look as good as that!
  • MrsSavage2BMrsSavage2B Posts: 266
    You look really beautiful. I dont think your eyelashes look silly on this pic, but I know it can be different in 'real' life.

    I'm hoping to have just a few eyelash extensions added on for my day too.

  • MissM2mrsBMissM2mrsB Posts: 448
    you look lovely - you must think so too cos you look dead happy in the photo!! image
  • Thanks everyone image I was very happy with the outcome! I thought I'd post pics as everyone likes to see them and also if anyone was thinking of using her, then they can see her work!

    She was just as lovely as I remembered her so I am pleased about that. Nothing worse than someone who doesn't put you at ease!!

    MrsSavage2B - yes, on the pic it doesn't look too bad but we also took a pic where one side was done and the other wasn't and you couldn't tell the difference!! They just look a bit fuller when you're up close with me lol.

    Bury_Bride - I didn't know she did hair too!!! If I'd have known that, I would have had her do that too image Glad you feel reassured though image

    Also, she finished with me by about midday and my make up stayed on all day - through heat and wind!!! I might need her to come and do my make up everyday image

  • How much are you all paying for a make up artist? ive had some prices but they all seem very expensive x
  • Beautiful Hun !!! xx
  • Charlie1980ukCharlie1980uk Posts: 1,533
    gorgeous x
  • Thanks image
  • very nice. Nothing more beautiful than the natural look.

  • bethaibethai Posts: 21
    You look so pretty! I was going to do my own make-up but if I could find someone who does such lovely make-up as she's done on you I'd love to have it done too!

  • loudeeloudee Posts: 73
    This is one of the nicest make up trials i have saw, very natural but a wee bit special!
  • kasia25ukkasia25uk Posts: 51
    soooo pretty lucky girl image
  • pinkyperkypinkyperky Posts: 159
    love it - love the natural look
  • Verity12Verity12 Posts: 253
    I think you look lovely and natural...but I do like the lashes!
  • shellpellshellpell Posts: 107
    Gorgeous make-up trial, you look so natural and pretty.

    I would keep the lashes but i love just a hint of 'eye drama' image
  • A11y50nA11y50n Posts: 498
    Lovely and natural and I like the lashes - add just a touch of glamour image
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