Curly Wurly

No, not the chocolate as nice as that would be!!! (Yum!)

I'm off to a wedding at the end of next month and need to put my hair up (have a halterneck dress) and it looks like any styles I can do with my length of hair require curly hair. I know GHDs are the holy grail at the moment for hair styling but not sure I can justify buying another pair of straighteners when my current remington ones (bit old...) work just fine at the moment! Have any of you lot found a curling tong or method that works as well as GHDs do? My hair is stubborn and drops out at the first sign of humidity no matter what products I use (with tools I've used in the past) so need something that really works!

Advice please image

(This might help out brides planning on doing their own hair - if this is successful I might just do mine too!)
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