Does anyone have any side bun pics they could show me?

Eeeekkk.... wedding is in 5 weeks and i've just had a complete change of heart regarding my hair style.

I think a messy-ish side bun would suit me best and i could then buy a nice sparkly clip to go at the side of it so i wont need a tiara.

But i'm really struggling to find any pictures to show my hairdresser image

Can anyone help? x


  • 0710bride0710bride Posts: 792
    Hi, here is a pic of mine:

  • Wow - your hair is beautiful!

    Do you mind me asking is that a clip, comb or headband you're wearing? I'm just trying to work out what would stay put best in my rubbish fine hair! x

  • 0710bride0710bride Posts: 792
    Thanks. It's Mimi by Halo & Co, it's a headband. My hair is really fine aswell, I don't think a comb would have stayed in place in my hair x
  • MissyJukMissyJuk Posts: 51
    Wow! I love the twisty bit!! Can I ask- how long is your hair? Is it much longer than shoulder or bra clasp?

    Many thanks!

  • 0710bride0710bride Posts: 792
    My hair isn't very long, It's about 4 inches past my shoulders, I had clip in hair extensions that were the same length as my hair, the hairdresser clipped them into the bun & curled them for more volume as my hair is quite fine xx
  • OOh I love your hair. My hairdresser was talking about something similar for me. I need clip ins too. Thanks for sharing your lovely pic x
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