Fake tan dilemma!


I was wondering if anyone could give me advice about fake tanning? i.e. which don't make you orange?! I am very fair skinned with blonde hair and can't decide whether to fake tan or not? I've applied a few types myself in the past but always ended up looking streaky... and I don't wanna look tangoed on the photos, just a natural glow!

Jane x


  • loulou_bloulou_b Posts: 466
    i'd go for the gradual tanner moisturisers if youre naturally very pale.

    if youve had problems before, then i wouldnt risk it! or youre going to have to do lots of trials to find the right one for you.

    i didnt both in the end, as didnt want to be tangoed!

    Plus im actually pleased that i didnt, my photos look fab, very classy! ive seen some wedding photos where the bride is orange (especially next to the white dress!), just think what she'll be thinking in 30 yrs when she gets her album out!
  • Hi,I am like you, very pale with blonde hair. I had an elemis ceremony of the sun trial for my hen party and it gave me a sunkissed look. It really was very natural and just a hint of colour. I'm having it done for wedding next week too!! image
  • tinseltoestinseltoes Posts: 180
    Mrs Meadows 2B u had an Elemis what?

    I love Elemis their product work wonders 4my promblematic and sensitive skin.

    I too am v pale, my wedding is in Dec and I dont do fake tanning well at all. Saying that i def need something like an all over glow with the gradual moisturising tanners along with some sparkle dotted along my shoulders etc
  • lol sorry, that wasn't very clear. I had an elemis tan, which is called ceremony of the sun, its applied by rubbing it in. It's very good, its not really overly noticeble if you know what I mean. image
  • tinseltoestinseltoes Posts: 180
    sounds like that would work with my skin.
  • jomills1jomills1 Posts: 50
    I am a spray tanning technician so perhaps I could help you?

    My advice would be steer clear of high street products and go for a professional spray tan, the reason you are going orange is there is too much DHA for your skin tone.

    If you want to email me [email protected] I can advise you of your nearest tanning technician that will match your skin tone to the correct percentage solution so you don't end up looking like David Dickensonimage

  • I had a fantasy tan in sunset bliss for my wedding. It looked very natural and brown in tone, not orange. I had it two days in advance so it had faded a bit as I'm naturally very pale and didn't want it to be obvious. I loved it so much I'm getting addicted!

    I also like Fake bake spray, it comes in a can and you spray yourself, that's almost as good but you need a friend to do your back. One light spray gives a subtle result. Three coats and you will look very dark!
  • janeyp2bjaneyp2b Posts: 40
    Thanks for all your advice ladies!

    I've braved it and booked a spray tan at a salon... got a wedding to go to next weekend so will see how it looks for that.

    Thanks Jane

    p.s. Thanks Jomills1, I had a look on the website but I live in the North West so I think its a bit far

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