Facials & skin Maintenance

Hey wot facials is everyone having and what other things are u all doing and how often to get ur skin and body glowing for the big day?


  • Hi - I had clarins skin brightener ones for mine - this did wonders - I also googled how to do a facial and watched it on youtube and did mini facial type things on myself! Lots of water too.. good luck for your wedding!!

  • WasMrsAshleyWasMrsAshley Posts: 1,042
    I'm having dermalogica facials and microdermabrasion and manuca honey facials at SKN x
  • pagegraciepagegracie Posts: 38
    Hi there,

    I'm having treatments at Sk:in clinics, Jessners chemical peels x 4 at the moment not sure what I'll do after my last one which is up soon. I have acne bruising marks on cheeks and that's what I wanted to get rid of, I guess everyone has specific problems and thus a different way of treating it.

    Re glowing body I can't sing pilates praise enough!! Just feel not only literally like a ball of muscle but toned, strong, energised!!! I go once a week. I also work out 5 days a week.
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